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ADVANCED Motion Controls

ADVANCED Motion Controls

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ADVANCED Motion Controls' is a manufacturer of servo drives, amplifiers, and other motor controls. Our products offer the precision, power, and reliability needed to keep material handling operations running smoothly.
Our servo drives are used in fixed robots, cobots, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), electric fork lifts, loaders, delivery vehicles, gantry systems, conveyors, and many other applications that make up the material handling industry.
ADVANCED Motion Controls has over 30 years of motion control experience in the material handling industry. Whether your application is big or small, we have the capability to create a motion control solution that meets your every need.


Our Famous Five Ball Toss Demo
Five two-axis systems, each axis controlled by an ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drive, making ten drives total. Each unit has a high speed linear motor and a rotary servo motor. All five units are connected over a CANopen network. Commands are sent on a laptop using Click&Move® by ADVANCED Motion Controls. All of this makes for a fun demo that shows off what our drives can do. We've had a lot of questions about our Five Ball Toss Demo at Trade Shows. This video will explain a little bit more about them.

ADVANCED Motion Controls
3805 Calle Tecate
Camarillo, CA 93012

Phone: 805-389-1935
Fax: 805-389-1165



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