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Ensol is an R&D-centric manufacturing and service company specializing in industrial lithium solutions with over 5000 batteries installed globally. The company has brought a whole range of innovative products to the US material handling industry, including Ensol Smart™, Ensol Cloud™, Ensol Frost™, among others. Established in 2012, Ensol is keen to share its experience and expertise to further drive the adoption of clean and effective battery technologies.


9432 Ensol
9432 Ensol

Innovation Award

EnSol ActiveFrost™ Battery
Lithium cells of EnSol ActiveFrost™ battery are insulated and heated from inside. Unlike other lithium batteries, EnSol ActiveFrost™ can operate and even be charged in the freezer at temperatures as low as -22? with no negative effect on battery performance or lifetime. The high-performance of the battery was validated through computer thermal simulation modeling. Over 3 days, EnSol’s powerful computers modeled how low temperatures would propagate ...
EnSol Active™ Battery
Patented EnSol Active™ battery (Patent US 9,948,115) is equipped with a High Energy Transfer Active Battery Management System (BMS). This technology makes an already efficient lithium battery even more productive. Unlike in other lithium batteries, in EnSol Active™ energy is balanced among cells based on induction at a rate 150 times higher (up to 30A). The transfer current is driven by the voltage differential between cells. Thus, the maximum cell ...
EnSol Cloud™
EnSol Cloud™ is a proprietary Internet of Things system that connects each battery to the Internet via a cellular network to enable the Business Intelligence approach in the lithium battery industry. More than 40 parameters are transferred from the batteries all over the globe to the EnSol Cloud™, where they are stored and analyzed to build business and service reports as well as to create immediate fault alerts and fault descriptions to enable ...
1999 S.Bascom Ave.
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Campbell, CA 95008

Phone: 408.879.2625

Ksenia Chabanenko



Ensol Active
Ensol Cloud
Ensol Frost

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