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EnSol Technology USA

EnSol Technology USA

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State-of-the-art lithium-ion battery packs.

Innovation Award

EnSol ActiveFrost™ Battery
Lithium cells of EnSol ActiveFrost™ battery are insulated and heated from inside. Unlike other lithium batteries, EnSol ActiveFrost™ can operate and even be charged in the freezer at temperatures as low as -22? with no negative effect on battery performance or lifetime. The high-performance of the battery was validated through computer thermal simulation modeling. Over 3 days, EnSol’s powerful computers modeled how low temperatures would propagate ...
EnSol Active™ Battery
Patented EnSol Active™ battery (Patent US 9,948,115) is equipped with a High Energy Transfer Active Battery Management System (BMS). This technology makes an already efficient lithium battery even more productive. Unlike in other lithium batteries, in EnSol Active™ energy is balanced among cells based on induction at a rate 150 times higher (up to 30A). The transfer current is driven by the voltage differential between cells. Thus, the maximum cell ...
EnSol Cloud™
EnSol Cloud™ is a proprietary Internet of Things system that connects each battery to the Internet via a cellular network to enable the Business Intelligence approach in the lithium battery industry. More than 40 parameters are transferred from the batteries all over the globe to the EnSol Cloud™, where they are stored and analyzed to build business and service reports as well as to create immediate fault alerts and fault descriptions to enable ...
EnSol Technology USA
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