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P&H Casters

P&H Casters

Booth #5893

P&H is a market leader in supplying casters and wheels for a wide variety of material handling equipment. Since 1969, P&H has expertly engineered, manufactured, and distributed wheels and casters for the retail, food service, hospitality, laboratory, automotive industries as well as many others.


5893 P&H Casters
5893 P&H Casters

P&H Casters
1016 W Harris Rd
Arlington, TX 76001

Phone: 817-468-3850
Fax: 817-468-2850

Alvar Diaz
Vice President of Sales and Marketing



P&H Casters

Product Categories

Casters, Wheels, & Tires

Industries Served

Wholesale Trade
Retail Trade
Transportation and Warehousing
Health Care and Social Assistance
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Accommodation and Food Services

Business Interests

Direct Sales

Export Markets

Central America
South America
Northern Europe
Eastern Asia
Central Asia
Northern Africa
Eastern Africa
Southern Africa
Western Africa
Middle Africa
Australia and New Zealand