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FORT Robotics

FORT Robotics

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FORT Robotics is bringing safety and security to the autonomous frontier with control solutions for smart machines.

Because businesses can't afford to sacrifice worker safety or overlook complicated security risks as machines systems become smarter, FORT is the protective layer against those risks with safety and security solutions for this new frontier. We empower people who work with autonomous and robotic systems to reduce risk, mitigate threats, and stay in control and ensure workers and machines stay safe and secure today and tomorrow.

Backed by leading investors and experts in robotics, safety and autonomy, FORT is building the future of functional safety and security for machines in autonomous, industrial, and mobile applications.

Media Library

Introducing Oversight: New safety and security platform for smart machines
Press Release: FORT Robotics announces new full-stack platform for autonomous and connected machines.


6228 FORT Robotics
6228 FORT Robotics

FORT Robotics
170 S. Independence Mall West
Suite 275W
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: 267-515-5880

Bonnie Friel
Communications Manager



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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
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