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CORAYVAC® / RAPID Industrial Heating Equipment

CORAYVAC® / RAPID Industrial Heating Equipment

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Our focus is to provide solutions that improve health and productivity by offering innovative industrial grade HVAC equipment to keep your facility warm, comfortable, and clean. Our diverse product offering includes energy efficiency infrared heating and make-up systems utilized in a range of industrial and commercial applications including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and more!
Infrared heating with CORAVYAC® is an energy efficient comfort heating solution that can be designed to heat any industrial and commercial facility. Manufactured by Roberts-Gordon, each system is custom-engineered providing flexible design options with the ability to focus heat in a specific area such as loading docks, or heat the entire space to match the building requirements.
Rapid Engineering’s make-up air systems maintain a slight positive air pressure in the building by delivering heated or cooled outdoor air, thus eliminating cold air infiltration while pushing out contaminates.

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Building Management Controls
Our multi-functional easy-to-use control system can operate in stand-alone or tie into an existing BMS system to control your heating system from anywhere with an internet connection.
CORAYVAC®, Custom-engineered Infrared Heating System
CORAVYAC® is an applied infrared heating system ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, air plane hangars, distribution centers, etc...
Direct Fired MUA -Industrial Grade
See how a 4000-series MUA unit by Rapid Engineering can improved you indoor air quality.
Loading Dock Heating
Keep your employees on your loading docks comfortable and increase productivity with the most efficient heating method available.


4881 CORAYVAC RAPID Industrial Heating Equipment Roberts Gordon
4881 CORAYVAC RAPID Industrial Heating Equipment Roberts Gordon

Understanding How Infrared Works In A Space
This short video will explain how infrared heating works and how it can benefit you!

CORAYVAC® / RAPID Industrial Heating Equipment
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Product Manager

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VP of Sales, Heating Products Division



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