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Honeywell Intelligrated

Honeywell Intelligrated

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Honeywell Intelligrated is a leading single-source provider of intelligent automated material handling solutions that drive fulfillment productivity for retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers around the world. Honeywell Intelligrated designs, manufactures, integrates and installs complete material handling automation solutions, including conveyor, IntelliSort® sortation, Honeywell Robotics, Alvey® palletizers, Honeywell Voice, and automated storage and retrieval systems — all empowered by Momentum™, our robust software suite of products. Our Connected Distribution Center helps companies make the digital transformation necessary to maximize efficiencies and inform decision making via realtime visibility to assets, automated systems and workers across the enterprise.

From concept to integration to lifecycle services, Honeywell Intelligrated delivers dependable, sustained distribution and fulfillment success, and maximum return on investment.

Media Library

Automated Storage and Retrieval System Brochure
Honeywell Intelligrated provides automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to increase throughput and efficiency while reducing labor requirements and storage footprints.
Labor Management Software Brochure
GoalPost® Labor Management Software (LMS) from Honeywell Intelligrated® provides on-demand intelligence to measure, manage and plan labor for increased productivity, efficiency and facility performance in distribution and manufacturing operations.
Material Handling Automation and Warehouse Execution Systems
Through a broad portfolio of automation equipment, software, service and support, Honeywell Intelligrated solutions optimize distribution and fulfillment processes, increase efficiency and give businesses a competitive edge.
Robotic Unloader Brochure
Honeywell Robotics uses advanced vision-guided robotic technology, machine learning-based decision making and sophisticated AI — similar to that of driverless vehicles — combined with integrated controls and conveyors to automate the freight unloading process.
Sortation Systems Brochure
Honeywell Intelligrated draws on more than 100 years of sortation experience and thousands of installations to provide sortation systems that deliver efficient, high performance automated distribution and fulfillment operations for retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers around the world.
TechSight Brochure
TechSight, a robust augmented reality solution that uses smart glasses to enable remote video collaboration, connecting your technicians to our expert service team to more quickly diagnose and troubleshoot critical issues.
The Connected Distribution Center Brochure
The Connected Distribution Center by Honeywell Intelligrated is helping retailers of all sizes make the digital transformation from manual operation to highly automated processes that increase reliability, improve utilization and maximize productivity.
Warehouse Execution System Brochure
Momentum™ is a full-featured warehouse execution system (WES) designed to greatly simplify e-commerce fulfillment, store replenishment and wholesale distribution center operations.


7619a Honeywell Intelligrated
7619a Honeywell Intelligrated

Robotic Sorter Induction
Automated sorter induction can improve your distribution center's productivity and capacity by replacing or supplementing manual induction, freeing limited labor from monotonous and repetitive tasks. Designed to handle the most common products in postal and e-commerce operations - including boxes, polybags and jiffy bags - the system seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, minimizing your cost and technical risk.

Connected Assets
With Connected Assets from Honeywell Intelligrated, you can address common challenges related to unplanned downtime and achieve up to $1.2 million in annual revenue and labor savings. By identifying and reducing common handling errors, you can recover up to $330 thousand per year in labor productivity. Using our predictive approach to maintenance, you can reduce downtime by as much as 40 percent and reclaim up to $140 thousand in idle labor costs. By leveraging system-wide performance insights, your DC can achieve measurable throughput gains. - Even with an increase of 10 additional cartons per hour, Connected Assets can deliver another $720 thousand in net annual revenue gains. At Honeywell Intelligrated, we believe digital transformation equals real business results.


Bridging the Labor Gap in your DC 3/09/2020 1:30 PM 2:15 PM Theater E
IIoT & Digital Transformation – Payback? Where we are going, we don’t need payback. 3/10/2020 1:00 PM 1:45 PM Theater D

Innovation Award

Connected Assets by Honeywell Intelligrated
Competitive distribution center networks have many teams interacting with complex systems. Corporate and local leadership, operations, maintenance, and system operators must all work together flawlessly to consistently deliver competitive business results, while avoiding risks. Historically, these teams commonly operate with isolated islands of data and manual analytics, struggling to produce clear and accurate operational and business metrics. The ...
Honeywell Intelligrated
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