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inVia Robotics, Inc.

inVia Robotics, Inc.

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inVia Robotics provides automation solutions for e-commerce fulfillment centers. Online businesses are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver orders faster than ever, and they can’t make mistakes. Our system helps them move products throughout the warehouse much more efficiently with our autonomous mobile robots and AI-driven software. It dramatically increases productivity and accuracy and minimizes labor management - all at a fraction of the cost of traditional automation.

The inVia system takes manual labor out of storage and retrieval of warehouse inventory. It automates picking, replenishment, putback of returns and mispicks, cycle counting, and serialization. The software works with any WMS.

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Network Design and Robots at Rakuten Super Logistics
E-commerce fulfillment leader RSL is remaking its network and DC design to meet the future.


inVia Robotics at Rakuten Super Logistics
inVia Robotics at Rakuten Super Logistics

inVia Robotics, Inc.
5701 Lindero Canyon Road
Ste 3-100
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Phone: (855) 424-6842

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