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EXOTEC Solutions SAS

EXOTEC Solutions SAS

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Goods to Person Picking System


4585 EXOTEC Solutions SAS
4585 EXOTEC Solutions SAS

Innovation Award

Skypod System
Exotec manufactures order preparation systems with fleets of robots that operate in three dimensions : the Skypod System. It consists of a fleet of robots navigating in the warehouse without a guiding infrastructure and capable of fetching bins stored up to 10 meters (30 feet) in height, and bringing them to the operator.The fleet of robots is controlled by the Astar WCS software, which optimizes the preparation of orders with one goal: to be as fast ...
EXOTEC Solutions SAS
251 Rue Jean Monnet
Croix, 59170

Phone: +33 9 72 58 56 34