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K.Hartwall Oy Ab

K.Hartwall Oy Ab

Booth #5474

The K.Hartwall company was established 85 years ago in Finland and today employs over 200 people. It develops logistics solutions mainly for retail companies, postal services and the automotive industry. Among K.Hartwall’s customers we can name Schaeffler Group, Royal Mail, Havi Logistics, Schneider Electric and the Bosch Group. K.Hartwall Oy Ab operates in highly competitive global markets, where it succeeds with innovative products and flexible service that is close to the customer.

Our solutions enable higher cubic fills, improved return logistics and fewer deliveries with faster loading and unloading. All of which mean shorter throughput time and better vehicle utilization for lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs.

We believe that together with our customers we can revolutionize their supply chain and change the future of logistics!

Innovation Award

The combination of speed, optimal length, fast operation and loading from both sides makes the LiftLiner the most efficient tugger train on the market today.The LiftLiner works perfectly with different cart sizes and is fully independent of the sequence for loading and unloading - just load and drive. Its compact design and unique crossbar coupling system provides excellent maneuverability and tracking even in tight spaces.
K.Hartwall Oy Ab
Kay Hartwallin tie 2
Söderkulla, 01150

Toll Free: +358-40 770 2416
Phone: +358 9 413 18 33

Eero Heinonen
Executive Vice President

Francoise Engberg
Head of Marketing and Market Services




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