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PowerHandling, Inc.

PowerHandling, Inc.

Booth #7773

PowerHandling has many years of experience building compact, innovative, and powerful material handling solutions for many applications. We design and manufacture high torque and ultra-compact machines including powered electric jacks, industrial cart movers, and best in class roll movers, used in diverse industrial and commercial applications. As of 2019, PowerHandling offers a line of high quality stackers, scissor lifts, scale devices, and manual jacks under the PowerHandling Lifter brand.


7773 PowerHandling Inc
7773 PowerHandling Inc

PowerHandling, Inc.
1110 West Riverside Ave
Suite 400
Spokane, WA 99201

Toll Free: (888) 377-6937
Phone: (509)244-8860
Fax: (509) 267-6428


Product Categories

Lift Products
Pallets & Palletizers
Plant/Facility Equipment
Safety Equipment & Ergonomics