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Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) is a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions. Our platform, comprising both hardware and software, uses RAIN RFID to wirelessly connect everyday items to the internet, delivering digital life to the physical world. Impinj is helping companies around the world increase sales, improve efficiencies, and deliver compelling experiences.

As companies drive toward efficiency, they look to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to automate and streamline their supply chain and logistics operations. Impinj Item Intelligence provides key information about the location of pallets, packages or individual items, such as parts and assets, as they move in, out, and through a business. Impinj connects information about these items with existing software systems to automate the processes that run businesses. This Item Intelligence allows companies to automate processes for efficiency and make smart business decisions using quantitative information rather than guesswork.

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Five Ways to Improve Warehouse Operations with RAIN RFID
Globalization has flattened the world and ignited Industry 4.0, defined by the digital exchange of data between every item in your supply chain and the people and applications that manage them. Using RAIN RFID to enable real-time data collection for your assets, tools, and products positions companies to reap the full benefits of Industry 4.0!


Drive Speed and Accuracy in Your Supply Chain
Work smarter, not harder. The Impinj RAIN RFID platform delivers accurate, real-time data about the movement of goods across your operations.


Improving Automation and Efficiency for Manufacturers and Distributors 3/09/2020 1:30 PM 2:15 PM Theater I
Improving Automation and Efficiency for Manufacturers and Distributors 3/12/2020 12:45 PM 1:30 PM Theater B
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Jill West
Senior Director, Marketing Communications

Martha Mallon
Director of Global Field Marketing

Todd Farley
Vice President of Sales, Americas


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