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OE Attachments

OE Attachments

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Since 1969, OE Attachments has been supplying millions of forks to businesses in both the United States and Canada. 30-year relationships with global partners provide OE Attachments with the knowledge and foresight required to help customers navigate today’s industrial marketplace. In addition to forks and construction attachments, OE Attachments also provides hydraulic industrial attachments (OEA Kaup) and products aimed at creating safer workplace environments (OEA Safeguard).

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OEA Safeguard Product Catalog
OEA Safeguard is a brand of OE Attachments that focuses on creating safer workplace environments for pedestrians and employees. Using the latest in safety innovations, OEA Safeguard’s line of products promote constant awareness of potential hazards by using sensor technology, camera systems, and audio/visual aids which are designed to prevent workp


OEA Kaup Rotators
OEA Kaup Rotators Loads carried by forklifts often need to be rotated, either to empty a container, slide material off a pallet, or set a horizontal load upright. Rotators can be equipped with forks as well as with clamps, booms, or other load-handling attachments. Our Rotators come standard with ITA rail mounting. OEA Kaup Rotators prioritize speed over torque, however, this can be changed should the application/specification require it.

OEA Kaup Telescopic Forks
OEA Kaup Telescopic Forks Telescopic Forks enable the stacking of palletized goods to the opposite side of trucks, deep into trucks or in double-deep racks. Telescopic Forks increase loading speeds, ensure quicker loading cycles.

Fork Laser Guide
Using a bright red laser, the Fork Laser Guide reduces the risk of damaging pallets, assets, and rack structures by providing operators a constant visual reference of their fork's position. This American-made product fits all standard forklift carriages and features the brightest, most reliable, commercial-grade laser available.

Carton and Appliance Clamps
Carton and Appliance Clamps

Multi-pallet Handlers
OEA Kaup Multi-Pallet Handlers Multi-Pallet Handlers are an ideal solution for moving multiple loads at the same time, thus, increasing forklift efficiency. The innovative multi-pallet handler design combines stability with optimal visibility. Options range from single-double models up to heavy-duty four-eight models that can transport as many as eight pallets at once.

Proximity Warning System
The Proximity Warning System reduces the risk of workplace collisions between pedestrians and vehicles by using a system of audio and visual alerts. Using RF technology, our system is able to precisely measure the distance between pedestrians and people, and issue warnings when a collision is imminent, allowing workers to take corrective action.

1422 OE Attachments
1422 OE Attachments

OE Attachments
16000 West 108th St
Lenexa, KS 66219

Phone: 913-599-9040

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