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Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air Corporation

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Sealed Air is in business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to leave our world better than we found it. Our portfolio of leading packaging solutions includes CRYOVAC® brand food packaging, SEALED AIR® brand protective packaging, and BUBBLE WRAP® brand packaging, which collectively enable a safer, more efficient food supply chain and protect valuable goods shipped around the world.

SEALED AIR® brand protective packaging delivers end-to-end solutions comprised of high-performance materials, automated equipment, and world-class services. Our solutions are backed by decades of powerful data science and unmatched engineering expertise, enabling products to ship faster and arrive safer. In 2019, Sealed Air acquired Automated Packaging Systems, expanding our portfolio of automated systems to better serve the e-commerce, fulfillment, and food packaging markets.

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Autobag® 650™ Horizontal
The Autobag® 650™ Horizontal is an automatic filling and sealing machine capable of running 16" wide bags, a large load area for order prep and bulk product queuing, with a compact design. Developed for reliability, flexibility and optimizing packaging throughput, this system delivers maximum uptime while lowering total packaging cost.


8428 Sealed Air Corporation
8428 Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air Corporation
2415 Cascade Point Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28208

Toll Free: (800) 648-9093
Phone: (980) 221-3235



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