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ifm efector, inc.

ifm efector, inc.

Booth #5470

ifm efector inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial sensors and control products. ifm’s new product the 3D Smart Sensor provides a unique imaging solution that enables automated machines to perceive their environment in 3D. It is designed to simplify case completeness verification, box dimensioning, fork pocket detection and other applications.
ifm’s RFID DTE identification system tracks and controls products, reads and writes data at high speed and connects to all common PLC's and industrial bus systems.
IO-Link is a communication interface unlocking the data in sensors and transmitting it without loss of system performance.
ifm’s dedication to innovation, quality and customer support has made it a global leader in sensors and controls.


5470 ifm efector, inc.
5470 ifm efector, inc.

ifm's O3D for industrial automation
ifm's O3D for industrial automation

ifm's O3D depalletizing
ifm's O3D depalletizing

ifm's multicode reader
ifm's new multicode reader reliably detects 1D and 2D codes.

Innovation Award

02I Multi-code Reader
What if you could reduce the complexity of commissioning a tracking system while maximizing its accuracy and reliability? ifm, global leader of developing and manufacturing sensors and controls for industrial automation, introduces its fully self-contained O2I5 Multi-code Reader. This new line of image-based code readers expand upon ifm’s vision of simplifying the next industrial revolution by eliminating the time required for installation and programming. ...
ifm efector, inc.
1100 Atwater Drive
Malvern, PA 19355

Phone: 610-524-2810
Fax: 800-329-0436


Product Categories

Controls and Controlling Devices
Labels, Labeling Devices & Tracking Solutions
Radio Frequency Identification & Data Communications Equipment
Remote Control Equipment