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Alba Manufacturing Incorporated

Alba Manufacturing Incorporated

Booth #1813

Alba Manufacturing Inc. is a leading manufacture of pallet conveying equipment. Alba offers an industry leading 2 year warranty on standard products. Alba has been manufacturing conveyor since 1973 and we offer the following standard product line: Chain Driven Live Roller (460VAC or 24VDC), Motorized Zero Pressure Accumulation (MZPA) Conveyor, Turntables with Pneumatic or Motorized bases, Drag Chain Conveyor, Pallet Dispensers/Stackers, Lift and Rotate Units, CDLR with Pop Up Chain Transfers, Transfers Cars and Gravity Conveyor. We provide value added components to our conveyors such as photo eyes, proximity switches, solenoid valves, end stops, backstops, and guide rails. All items are pre-mounted at our factory. Our conveyors are shipped fully assembled when possible dramatically reducing the installation time required. We look forward to seeing you at Modex!


1813 Alba Manufacturing Incorporated
1813 Alba Manufacturing Incorporated

Alba Manufacturing Incorporated
8950 Seward Road
Fairfield, OH 45011

Toll Free: 866-252-2634
Phone: 513-874-0551
Fax: 513-874-9476

Brad Bell
National Accounts Manager
513 881-6802

Charlie Sears
Ohio Account Manager
513 881-6805

John Quinn
National Accounts Manager
513 881-6803

Kyle McMahan
VP of Sales
513 881-6804

Mike Kroeger
513 881-6801



Chain Driven Live Roller, Gravity Conveyor, Lift and Rotate, 24VDC Chain Driven Live Roller
Motorized Zero Pressure Accumulation (MZPA) Conveyor
Pallet Conveyor, Pallet Dispensers/Stackers, Drag Chain Conveyor, Turntables, Pop-up Chain Transfers, Transfer Cars

Product Categories

Plant/Facility Equipment

Export Markets

North America