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Plug Power Inc.

Plug Power Inc.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power.
Plug Power's GenDrive fuel cells fit seamlessly into existing electric forklift, pallet jack and other material handling truck fleets and have been accruing hundreds of thousands of hours of runtime in some of the largest and most demanding material handling centers in North America and Europe. An economically viable power solution, GenDrive fuel cells allow businesses to streamline operations while maximizing fleet uptime and reducing greenhouse gas emissions within their facilities.

Plug Power’s suite of ProGen fuel cell engines are flexible power building blocks designed for independent companies to use in their motive and stationary products under development. ProGen products provide robust and cost-effective solutions with industry-leading performance, reliability and time to market to OEMs looking to adopt sustainable fuel cell power.

Export Markets

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Innovation Award

GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell power for electric forklifts
Plug Power’s innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology (GenDrive) is powering forklifts and AGVs for the largest manufacturing and distribution companies around the world, such as Amazon, Walmart, and BMW, to name a few. Supply chains have always been expected to perform at a record-fast pace and do so flawlessly. Now, with an increased focus on sustainability, executives are looking for new, creative ways to align their sustainability and efficiency ...
Plug Power Inc.
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