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VAHLE Inc. is the industry leader in mobile electrification, secure data communication and absolute positioning for the North American market. Our product spectrum includes different types of conductor bars from enclosed to open, charging contacts and contactless power supplies. All can be completely customized and used for seamless integration within multiple applications.
We also offers multiple secure data communication systems depending on environment and workload. More so, VAHLE has three different absolute positioning systems that can be standalone products or integrated with our proven conductor bar systems. On top of all of that VAHLE has a technical services department that can install, repair, troubleshoot, maintain, and clean your VAHLE systems for you. This lowers costs, minimizes downtime and leads to optimal system performance. But that is not all, our in-house engineering team has the capabilities to make your vision a reality with the integration of our solutions.

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Solutions for the Material Handling Industry
All our solutions for the Material Handling Industry - from electrification to automation.


6021 VAHLE, Inc.
6021 VAHLE, Inc.

407 Cane Island Pkwy
Katy, TX 77494

Toll Free: 800-224-2645
Phone: 713-465-9796
Fax: 713-465-1851

Marvin Minton
Intralogistics Manager NA



APOS - Absolute Positioning System
BLS/BLK - Charging Contacts
KBH/MKH - Enclosed Conductor Bar
SMGM - Data Communication System
U10-40 - Insulated Conductor Bar
vDRIVE - Control System
vPOWER - Contactless Power Supply

Product Categories

Cleaning Systems & Equipment
Controls and Controlling Devices
Hydraulic & Electrical Components/Controls
Monorails & Monorail Systems
Radio Frequency Identification & Data Communications Equipment

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North America