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Optimal Discovery LLC

Optimal Discovery LLC

Booth #7478

Optimal Picking is a next generation voice picking system that leverages 3D images to help pickers build complex pallets and carts that are not suitable to be built with voice instructions alone. The system can design pallets based on criteria like picker routing and delivery sequencing. Finally, by using artificial intelligence on the large amounts of data collected, the system can make SKU slotting recommendations to optimize picking operations.


7478 Optimal Discovery LLC
7478 Optimal Discovery LLC

Innovation Award

Optimal Picking
Optimal Picking has all the capabilities of proven Voice Picking systems while also addressing the needs of the entire picking process. It generates ideal pallet designs with unmatched flexibility. And it ensures that those ideal designs are properly communicated to the picker by leveraging the use of images for the picker at each step of the picking process. Optimal Picking can use image recognition technology to validate that each pick was made ...
Optimal Discovery LLC
95 Merrick Way, 3rd Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Phone: 305-713-5056

Ed Aviles



Optimal Picking

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