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Rousseau Metal, Inc.

Rousseau Metal, Inc.

Booth #9423

Rousseau is one of the leading manufacturers of storage solutions.

We offer the most comprehensive line of modular storage products, traditional storage products, workstations and accessories available on the market.

This breadth of products allows the ability to create storage and work areas with unlimited flexibility that offer long term value on your investment.

- Overview of Rousseau products :

-- Cabinets: Stationary and Mobile Cabinets, Door Cabinets, Stack & Store Cabinets Mezzanine, R2V Vertical Storage System, Cabinets for two Users.

-- Spider Shelving System: Closed and Open Shelving, Shelving with Drawers, Mini-Racking, Mobile Shelving, Multi-Level Shelving, Record Storage, Shelving with Sloped Shelves.

-- Workbenches and Worstations system: TekZone Hutches, Adjustable Workbenches, Corner Workstations, Freestanding Stations.

-- Motorized solutions: R-Go Motorized Toolbox, R-Go Motorized Platform.

-- Others: MultiTek Carts, Computer Stations.

Media Library

Configurator – MyModel-r by Rousseau
MyModel-r allows you to create personalized models of R cabinets (both stationary and mobile), shelving (both closed or open) and shelving with drawers. The configurator is a useful tool to quickly create designs that help customers visualize their products. You Design it. We make it!
R2V Vertical Storage System by Rousseau
R2V Vertical Storage helps you to maximize use of the vertical space you have available. The drawers open to maximum extension, which eliminates the hard-to-reach areas found in traditional shelf storage and ensures you have full access to the contents. R2V Vertical Storage is a unique system. It stands above the rest for its impressive durability.


9423 Rousseau Metal, Inc.
9423 Rousseau Metal, Inc.

R-Go Motorized Toolbox by Rousseau
Safe and effortless movement from point A to point B. Easy and safe transportation over long distances Reduced risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) Automatic braking via an electromagnetic brake system Three maximum speeds Easy to use Made in North America

Innovation Award

Rousseau has developed a new motorized platform specially designed to accommodate a toolbox and facilitate transportation of heavy loads. After the launch of the motorized toolbox, we received several requests to motorize mobile toolboxes already owned by businesses. Because they wanted to keep their existing toolboxes, we started to offer this more affordable option that can be used to motorize their toolboxes. The R-Go Motorized Platform was ...
R2V Vertical Storage System
The R2V Vertical Storage System is a pioneering product that no other steel industrial storage manufacturer offers. This innovative product provides full and unimpeded access to contents. All the storage areas are easy to reach, unlike traditional shelf storage. The design stands out for its impressive durability, reliability and versatility.
R-Go Motorized Toolbox
Launched in September 2019, the R-Go Motorized Toolbox adds motorization to our top-selling product: the R Heavy-Duty Cabinet. We are currently the only manufacturer to be offering this type of product. The design of the R-Go is protected by a registered industrial design.
Rousseau Metal, Inc.
105 Avenue de Gaspe Ouest West
St. Jean-Port-Joli, QC G0R 3G0

Toll Free: 1.866.463.4270
Phone: 1.418.598.3381
Fax: 1.418.598.6776

Benoit Toussaint
Sales Director

Melissa Barrette
Marketing coordinator

William Berube
Trade show manager


Product Categories

Modular Drawer Storage
Safety Equipment & Ergonomics
Shelving, Workstations & Plant Furniture

Export Markets

North America
Central America
South America
Northern Europe
Eastern Europe
Southern Europe
Western Europe