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Rousseau Metal, Inc.

Rousseau Metal, Inc.

Booth #9423

Storage Solutions (Toolboxes, Shelving Systems, Workstations)

Innovation Award

Rousseau has developed a new motorized platform specially designed to accommodate a toolbox and facilitate transportation of heavy loads. After the launch of the motorized toolbox, we received several requests to motorize mobile toolboxes already owned by businesses. Because they wanted to keep their existing toolboxes, we started to offer this more affordable option that can be used to motorize their toolboxes. The R-Go Motorized Platform was ...
R2V Vertical Storage System
The R2V Vertical Storage System is a pioneering product that no other steel industrial storage manufacturer offers. This innovative product provides full and unimpeded access to contents. All the storage areas are easy to reach, unlike traditional shelf storage. The design stands out for its impressive durability, reliability and versatility.
R-Go Motorized Toolbox
Launched in September 2019, the R-Go Motorized Toolbox adds motorization to our top-selling product: the R Heavy-Duty Cabinet. We are currently the only manufacturer to be offering this type of product. The design of the R-Go is protected by a registered industrial design.
Rousseau Metal, Inc.
105 Avenue de Gaspe Ouest West
St. Jean-Port-Joli, QC G0R 3G0

Phone: 418-598-3381
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