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Banner Engineering Corporation

Banner Engineering Corporation

Booth #4414

Banner Engineering provides companies in the material handling and logistics industry with a competitive edge—solving your most challenging applications and helping you achieve your automation goals.

Banner’s smart sensors provide reliable solutions to meet any demand—from simple presence detection to ultra-precise detection of varied targets at high speeds.

Intuitive safety solutions from Banner make safety simple by combining easy-to-use safety devices with LED indication for fast commissioning, visual management, and remote monitoring of safety systems.

Our LED lighting and indication solutions are bright, flexible, and built-to-last in any environment.

Plus, our industrial wireless products increase visibility into your operations and facilitate IIoT applications. For example, our remote condition monitoring solutions predict machine failures and help prevent unplanned downtime.

For more information visit www.bannerengineering.com or visit us at Booth 4414.


EZ-STATUS® Multicolor Lights for the Visual Factory
Discover a few of the ways EZ-STATUS® LED lights from Banner Engineering can solve problems around your factory, and learn even more at BannerEngineering.com/ez-status.

Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface
Learn about the Direct Select - Banner's wireless visual indication and communication solution. Opportunities exist everywhere to increase productivity and streamline processes; how many ways will you find? Learn more at bannerengineering.com

Next Generation of Safety Devices with In-Series Diagnostics
Learn how In-Series Diagnostics, the next generation of safety devices from Banner Engineering, is providing machine builders and operators with more abilities while also requiring less resources; both of which ultimately save you time and money. To learn more, visit bannerengineering.com

Wireless Vibration Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions
Monitor machine health utilizing predictive maintenance by continuously monitoring for vibration and temperature changes. Banner's wireless vibration sensors combined with a wireless node and a DXM wireless controller running a machine learning algorithm creates a simple check engine light by establishing the machine's vibration baseline and automatically setting warning and alarm thresholds. Learn more at BannerEngineering.com

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions
Learn how the wireless Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is bringing the factory of tomorrow, today.

4414 Banner Engineering Corporation
4414 Banner Engineering Corporation

Banner Engineering Corporation
9714 10th Avenue N
Minneapolis, MN 55441

Toll Free: (888) 373-6767
Phone: 763-544-3164
Fax: 763-544-3213

Bob Bergsgaard
Strategic Account Executive



Banner Engineering Corp.

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