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FastFetch Corporation

FastFetch Corporation

Booth #8285

FastFetch is a technology leader providing innovative eCommerce order-fulfillment solutions that improve productivity and slash costs. Using a blend of light-directed picking and placement strategies together with voice and barcode scanning technologies, FastFetch has pioneered a variety of multimodal order-fulfillment systems that can be tailored to individual customer needs. Leveraging artificial intelligence and powerful optimization strategies, FastFetch solutions are fast, accurate, and easy to learn, use, and maintain. Ideal applications include eCommerce order fulfillment, store replenishment, piece picking, reverse logistics/returns, and kitting and sequencing for assembly line manufacturing. Visit Booth #8285 to see demonstrations that includes:

1) Cart batch picking employing voice, barcode scanning, and light-directed picking coupled with light-directed placement to increase speed and accuracy;
2) Put walls
3) Right-sized packaging solution
4) Replenishment/Put Away


8285 FastFetch Corporation
8285 FastFetch Corporation

2020 MODEX
FastFetch's Booth at MODEX, March 9-12, 2020.

Innovation Award

Dynamic Put Walls
Put Walls have become popular in recent years to reduce walking distance or to enable consolidation of picked products from multiple zones in a DC. Unfortunately, a drawback of put walls is that products must be touched 3 times: once when picking, once when scanning and putting and once when packing from the put wall slot. FastFetch has developed a Dynamic Put Wall system that retains the advantages of put walls while reducing the number of touches ...
FastFetch Corporation
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Phone: (864) 415-9610
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Ed Page
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Garry Harper
VP, Sales & Marketing
(864) 415-9610

Jack Peck
(864) 650-1990

Jonathan Bate
Director of Training and Installations
(864) 633-9695



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