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Kronos, Inc.

Kronos, Inc.

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As competition intensifies in the distribution space (Amazon Effect) and customer expectations rise around next day shipping, the tight labor market is leading to serious concerns over meeting productivity goals. Employee engagement and retention have become much more important in today’s distribution environment and companies need more advanced technologies to help them better manage retention, productivity and labor cost optimization.

Make better operational decisions in real time with Kronos® for Distribution. Our solutions help you control labor costs by automating error-prone processes, link labor costs to orders to account for every dollar spent, allocate and align labor to demand with best-fit schedules, and view order status in real time to make labor adjustments and meet delivery deadlines.

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Improving Workforce Engagement in a Modern Distribution Organization
Learn how to increase retention, boost productivity, and optimize labor costs.
The Latest Technologies Disrupting the Logistics Industry
For many years, technology solutions have played an integral role in supply chain management. However, as competition intensifies and customer expectations rise, logistics organizations are increasing eciencies and optimizing performance by extending their use of technology well beyond the tracking of goods and materials.
Top 5 Ways to Reduce Warehouse Employee Attrition
Recruiting and retaining employees to work in distribution warehouses has become a significant supply- and-demand challenge. Meeting the needs of your workforce is key to an organization’s success. Here are five ways to help reduce warehouse employee attrition in the distribution industry:


Enhancing Employee Engagement
Brief interview with Supply Chain Brain to help describe how Kronos can help both employers and employees with employee engagement.

7197 Kronos
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Kronos, Inc.
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