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DuraStar-Everest Caster and Wheels

DuraStar-Everest Caster and Wheels

Booth #7411

Since 1985, Durastar manufacturers high quality casters and wheels that outfit industries from Automotive and Aerospace, to Medical and Industrial settings. With a diverse product line of not only casters, but also wheels, wire containers, rolling carts, hand trucks and rollers for each and every industry. If you need something stored or moved, we have a solution for you. As a leading caster manufacturer, Durastar supplies all of North America casters, wheels, and material handling equipment. Truly moving industry forward.

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C48 Series Casters: Heavy Duty Spring-Loaded Casters
The Chrome 48 Series spring-loaded caster can effectively absorb shock and protect products from damaging vibration on rough or uneven floor conditions. The rig uses Thrust Bearing to replace regular ball bearing, which provides ultra smooth raceway operation. This caster is recommended for automotive industry or any other shock sensitive load.
Durastar Casters: Company Presentation
A brief overview of Durastar Casters. In addition to our standard line of products, we can work with you to design and manufacture custom casters to solve your specific application.
DURATEK High Tech Rubber Wheels
The Duratek wheel is easy rolling, quiet operation and impact resistance. The wheel deflects debris to help keep the wheel clean and decrease maintenance costs. It is the perfect choice for shopping carts, platform trucks and much more.
SIRIUS Heavy Duty Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels
The SIRIUS wheel is the perfect choice for applications where superior ergonomic performance is critical. The unique polyurethane wheel tread can reduce the force needed for movement and reduce vibrations during rolling, which provides a smooth, quiet and highly maneuverable performance.


7411 DuraStarEverest Caster and Wheels
7411 DuraStarEverest Caster and Wheels

DuraStar-Everest Caster and Wheels
17815 Foster Rd., #146
Liberty, MO 64068

Toll Free: 866-532-1698
Phone: 816-994-7890
Fax: 816-994-7895



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Product Categories

Casters, Wheels, & Tires
Containers & Dunnage
Floor Trucks and Carts

Industries Served

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting
Wholesale Trade
Retail Trade
Transportation and Warehousing
Accommodation and Food Services