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Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics

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Digit is the latest product offering from Agility Robotics, the leading provider of highly mobile, biped robots. Digit features robust, bipedal walking and running gaits; perception to enable stair climbing and safe travel in unstructured environments; and arms for basic manipulation tasks.
Agility Robotics, with locations in Oregon and Pittsburgh, addresses the mobility problem faced by mobile robots, to allow machines to work with humans, for humans, and around humans. Robotic legged locomotion will enable a major transformation of our world, with applications in logistics and package delivery for fast and inexpensive 24/7 service, in-home robots for telepresence and assistance, and real-time data collection and mapping of human and natural environments.


1508 Agility Robotics
1508 Agility Robotics


Legged Robots for Last 50 Feet Delivery 3/10/2020 12:30 PM 1:15 PM Emerging Technologies Theater

Innovation Award

Digit is a bipedal robot that can go where people go, and work in human environments. Built on decades of research into the physics of legged locomotion, Digit is able to walk over varied terrain and operate in human environments, such as stairs, hallways, doorways, and around other people. Because humans have built our infrastructure around our form factor, the roughly humanoid shape of Digit enables robot perception and manipulation in spaces previously ...
Agility Robotics
421 NE Water Ave #1100
Albany, OR 97321

Steve DiAntonio
VP, Business Development



Digit Biped Robot

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