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Aware Innovations

Aware Innovations

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Aware Innovations specializes in asset management. We track your items so that you can make strategic business decisions with item information at your fingertips.

We offer consulting services, solution design, hardware & software integration, and training & support.

Our scalable tracking and management solutions integrate existing and emerging technologies (Barcodes, RFID, RTLS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet of Things (IoT), Mesh Networks, and GPS), and are implemented in multiple industries (manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, healthcare and government). 



ItemAware Asset Tracking and Management Software
ItemAware software is designed to help you make informed decisions. It provides capabilities like asset tracking, work in process tracking, returnable asset tracking, inventory management, and tool tracking. It can be easily integrated with other systems like WMS and ERP systems. The dashboards and reporting give you quick access to important information. The software is designed to be used by small businesses to large enterprises, while providing the same great power and simplicity.

Aware Innovations
5089 Norman Blvd
Dayton, OH 45431

Phone: 937-235-2995
Fax: 937-235-8692

Bart Ivy
Chief Solutions Officer

Elyse Burns




Product Categories

Automatic Identification Products
Computer Hardware and/or Software
Consulting & Professional Services
Labels, Labeling Devices & Tracking Solutions
Radio Frequency Identification & Data Communications Equipment

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North America
Central America
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