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Versacart Systems

Versacart Systems

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Biggest selection of store equipment in the industry!

Versacart designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of innovative store equipment, including material handling, stocking & picking carts, shopping carts and hand baskets.

Our lines of nesting stocking and utility carts save up to 500% of back room space while boosting productivity, efficiency and enhancing aesthetics.

We are your strategic partner -- focused on improving user experience, enhancing your brand, streamlining operations, and boosting productivity & bottom lines.

Globally recognized as the trusted source for innovative designs, we offer the broadest selection of store equipment in the industry. Choose from our existing range of products or work with our in-house team to design a custom solution.

Innovation Award

Nesting U-Boat
Versacart’s innovation, the Nesting U-Boat, is just that, a U-Boat, that nests. It offers all the functionality of a conventional U-Boat while taking up a fraction of the space when nested and providing still more benefits like increased employee productivity, efficiency, and workplace safety. We have designed the Nesting U-Boat to save store-equipment users up to 60% of their valuable backroom space. Currently U-Boats are one of the largest space-users ...
Versacart Systems
PO Box 17425
Boulder, CO 80308

Toll Free: 800-690-9112
Phone: 303-530-9430
Fax: 303-441-2417

Colin Walter
Versacart Canada

Ginny Keaton
Sales Manager
303-530-9430 ext.109

Kasia Lundquist
Strategic Account Executive
303-530-9430 ext.121




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