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Versacart Systems

Versacart Systems

Booth #8254

Versacart Systems designs and manufacturers a unique and comprehensive line of shopping carts, hand baskets and material handling equipment created to suit our customers' specific needs.

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Innovation Award

Nesting U-Boat
Versacart’s innovation, the Nesting U-Boat, is just that, a U-Boat, that nests. It offers all the functionality of a conventional U-Boat while taking up a fraction of the space when nested and providing still more benefits like increased employee productivity, efficiency, and workplace safety. We have designed the Nesting U-Boat to save store-equipment users up to 60% of their valuable backroom space. Currently U-Boats are one of the largest space-users ...
Versacart Systems
PO Box 17425
Boulder, CO 80308

Phone: 303-530-9430
Fax: 303-441-2417

Kasia Lundquist
Strategic Account Executive
303-530-9430 ext.121

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Floor Trucks and Carts