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Consignor LLC

Consignor LLC

Booth #7092

Over 10,000 organisations are using Consignor to connect their warehouse to their customers - wherever they are based.

We support and maintain the world's largest carrier library, for high volume b2b, b2c, PUDO, Postal, Parcel, Pallet, Domestic, International, cross border shipments and everything in between.

Whether you are connecting your ERP, OMS, WMS, we’ve got you covered with our off-the-shelf API connections and our flexible API and file transfer modules.

With a single integration point, shipping rules can be created on the fly all whilst managing carrier availability and performance in real-time.

To find out more, visit our website: www.consignor.com

“Consignor offered the best solution for our shipping needs in the US.” Nick Daniels, IT Manager at Total Label USA


Consignor - multi carrier shipping software
Consignor helps customers make delivery a competitive advantage for their business and a seamless experience for their customers. Handling millions of shipments per year and hosting the largest carrier library in the world, the Consignor platform is helping more than 10,000 customers choose the best solution for their shipments, regardless of which carrier, ERP, WMS or webshop they are using. With a single integration point for your key systems, shipping rules can be created on the fly and relevant checkout options provided to your customers, all while managing carrier availability and performance in real-time.

Consignor LLC
1372 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: 888.351.1553

Gary Carlile
Chief Sales Office - Consignor Group

Zaid Duwayri
General Manager - Consignor US



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