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MHI is your resource for finding products and services that give you improved safety, productivity and profitability through better material handling, logistics and supply chain solutions. As the trade association leading this industry, MHI brings you industry news, research, education and world-class events such as ProMat and MODEX. Member companies of MHI are leading manufacturers, integrators, consultants, third-party logistics providers and publishers furnishing equipment, software and innovative solutions to improve your supply chain. Visit us to learn more and see our new publication - MHI Solutions.


Load Containment Solution Experts - WULFTEC-Who We Are
WULFTEC Booth 4973 Wulftec International is synonymous with unbeatable strength and durability for stretch wrapping automation, strapping equipment, pallet handling solutions and conveyors. We are renowned for developing, manufacturing and distributing the industry's most dependable equipment. Our unwavering focus on quality, service and innovation means Wulftec® machines are designed to work flawlessly in any environment and under any condition, load after load, year after year.

Total Solutions by Gorbel
Gorbel's mission is simple: We improve people's lives. That mission guides everything we do, from the products and the service we provide. With our comprehensive line Crane Technology products, Ergonomic Lifting products and our line of Tether Track Fall Arrest Safety Systems, we have the solution for needs.

Dynamic Quest - Your Strategic Technology Partner
Our Managed IT Services are always strategically focused on helping your company achieve its business goals. Whether you're looking to improve processes, stabilize your network, control costs or boost productivity, our staff of experts is nearby and ready to meet you in person to help you get where you want to go.

Collision Sentry Corner Pro
The industrial environment can be a dangerous place - constant motion, noise, narrow aisles and blind corner intersections. Make it less dangerous with Collision Sentry Corner Pro - the collision warning system that helps prevent accidents causing damage to equipment, facilities and people.

Damotech Anthem Video
Want to know more about what Damotech is all about ? Watch our anthem video.

Standard Robots' Flexible Intelligent Logistics Solution
Standard Robots provide a full package of Flexible Intelligent Logistics Solution, which including roller/robot arm/handling/folk lift and others functional model with laser navigation AGV/AMR base to reach unmanned factory which is recognized a symbol of industry 4.0.

Southern Bracing Systems, 33 years of Cargo Securement , Ty-Gard 2000, Ty-Gard DS
Ty-Gard is the original AAR Approved system that has over 35 years of success. SBS was Made for and Industry in need, our cargo securement specialists have the highest expertise in Load securement for Rail, Highway and overseas shipping. Products AAR Approved from SBS Ty-Gard 2000, Ty-Gard DS, Air Dunnage Bags, Rubber Mats, Honeycomb Fillers

Hollar Testimonial - inVia Robotics
Hollar Testimonial - inVia Robotics

inVia Robotics at Rakuten Super Logistics
inVia Robotics at Rakuten Super Logistics

Testimonial | VassoyoAir automatic produce tray forming machine
A customer's testimonial as to how EndFlex (formerly known as Eagle Packaging) delivered a solution to increase productivity and efficiencies in its packaging process. Produce, Breaker & Corner Post Trays - The VassoyoAir automatic tray former erects Breaker and Column Case style trays in either triangle corner or L-corner posts configurations. Applicable tray styles include RSC style flaps or no flaps creating a retail-ready display tray. The tray former is mechanically designed to pull tray blanks one at a time from the hopper, fold and glue the major/minor flaps and corner posts, then finally discharge the finished tray from the machine.

The world of Hangcha-Booth 5270
Make the handling easier

Robopac USA Stretch Wrappers and OCME LGV may be the right end of the line logistic solution for your operation
Robopac stretch wrappers and OCME LGV's combine to take on any end of line logistics need. Find out how we can support your needs at www.robopacusa.com/engineered-solutions/

Industry Best 5 Year Limited Warranty
At Brother, we place quality at the same importance as our customers; top of the list. We back that quality with performance on our full line of gearmotors. Brother offers the industry best 5-year limited warranty on a full line of standard products. Our overseas factory designs and manufactures all gearing, shafting and housings to rigorous specifications using an integrated production system.

This is why PowerHouse WMS is the best
Why choose PowerHouse WMS from QSSI?

Drones For Warehouses - Automate Your Warehouse Inventory with Ware
At Ware, we automate warehouse inventory tracking with drones. Our drones are fully autonomous (no humans required) and live inside of warehouses on nests. They wake up on a schedule to scan and track inventory - effectively automating the warehouse. Our solution is safe, scalable, and very real. Come meet us at booth #1507 at MODEX 2020. Check out our website at https://getware.com

The world of Hangcha
Making the handling easier

Crown Battery Mfg. Company
Find us at booth 8211!

Backsafe® Testimonial
Backsafe® class attendee describes his improvement just 2 days after completing the training.

OneCharge Li-ion Batteries can fit nearly any lift truck make and model with over 450 part numbers.
OneCharge offers over 450 models of lithium batteries. They'll fit nearly any make and model, they're plug & play, and with zero maintenance - you can forget about batteries and focus on operations!

IPAS, Intelligent Proximity Alert System
IPAS is a safety-assisting device which prevents collisions between pedestrians and vehicles by signaling dangers in 2-way communication to both drivers and pedestrians in industrial site. Each device determines the distance from the vehicle tag to the object based on the time delay of the return signal. With Ultrawideband technology, IPAS measures the distance precisely and provides a highly reliable collision warning. This system is designed not only for anti-collision between vehicle and people but also for vulnerable area (e.g. intersection, corner) to safety accidents.

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