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  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
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Rad Power Bikes

Booth #C1729

Moving freight isn’t easy, especially in high-traffic environments. Urban gridlock, pollution concerns and parking availability all conspire to make last mile logistics the greatest hurdle in many businesses’ supply chains.

We’ve done our homework, and after over a year of market research and development, Rad Power Bikes is pleased to present our solution to these challenges: Introducing the 2018 Rad Power Bikes RadBurro Cargo Etrike.

The RadBurro is purpose built to meet the demands of business, addressing many of the logistics industry’s most pressing needs by enhancing operational efficiency, improving delivery timelines, and reducing the cost and waste associated with traditional fulfillment methods. Featuring 700 lbs of cargo capacity and an estimated 40-80 mile range per charge, the RadBurro offers best-in-class capacity, durability, and battery life. And, at a fraction of the cost of cargo vehicles currently available, the RadBurro is priced to revolutionize the market.

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