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  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
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BYD Forklifts

Booth #B721

BYD has been revolutionizing the rechargeable battery industry since 1995 in industries such as consumer electronics, energy storage, transportation and now the material handling industry. Compared to traditional electric forklifts, BYD’s extraordinary Lithium Iron Phosphate technology turns the industry inside-out by delivering a single-battery multi-shift solution.

Designed to work together with its disruptive battery technology, BYD forklifts challenge the status-quo; creating a new standard of what operators expect from an electric forklift.

Innovation Award

BYD ECB50 Forklift
BYD’s transformative technology, first introduced to eliminate lead-acid batteries and all associated liabilities, now aims to make fossil fuel power a thing of the past. The 9,000# capacity BYD ECB50 boasts 50% more run time with 4X faster recharge rate than any lead-acid powered product. They are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and feature similar torque / horse power as IC trucks. This allows operators at lumber yards, paper ...

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BYD Forklifts
1800 S. Figueroa St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Phone: 1-800-BYD-Auto
Fax: 213-748-3945

Kurt Geffe
Forklifts - North America