MODEX 2018 - supply chain, manufacturing, distribution trade show
Georgia World Congress Center
  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
  • MODEX the leading trade show for supply chain, manufacturing and distribution industries


Booth #B3587

MHI is your resource for finding products and services that give you improved safety, productivity and profitability through better material handling, logistics and supply chain solutions. As the trade association leading this industry, MHI brings you industry news, research, education and world-class events such as ProMat and MODEX. Member companies of MHI are leading manufacturers, integrators, consultants, third-party logistics providers and publishers furnishing equipment, software and innovative solutions to improve your supply chain. Visit us to learn more and see our new publication - MHI Solutions.


Label THIS! - FOX IV - MODEX Booth B-4347
Whether you need to label cartons, cases, products, or pallets, FOX IV has a labeling solution to meet your needs. Bring your labeling application to FOX IV at MODEX Booth B-4347 and challenge us to "Label THIS!"

Keyence Logistics Solutions
Keyence's SR-2000 Series barcode readers increase the flexibility and functionality of your scanning areas. With a wider field of view and deeper depth of field, the SR-2000 Series will scan your barcodes no matter your box type or orientation. Combined with an ultra-fast processor, your scanning area will never be the bottleneck to increased output.

Meet Timotion
Learn more about our global company, the industries we serve, and how we can help you achieve your goals in the supply chain industry. Be sure to visit us at booth B4920! See you soon!

Electro Kinetic Technologies-Company Overview
Electro Kinetic Technologies is an innovator of motorized ergonomic solutions for material and patient transport in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics industries. As engineers, we analyze the whole picture and provide the most effective standard or custom motorized equipment to improve both efficiency and safety in the workplace. Our customers are given the tools to invest in a safer environment now to improve their bottom line for the future. We also offer an extensive line of trusted brands for scissor lift carts, electric tuggers, and cylinder delivery carts, in addition to our custom engineering for payloads up to 40,000 pounds.

Safety, Security, and Separation with WireCrafters
WireCrafters is the nation's leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire partitions & other related material handling products. We are very passionate about helping you to achieve high standards of safety, security, and separation within your facility. Come visit us at Modex Booth B2147 to check out our Wire Partition, Driver Cages, Pallet Rack Safety Panels, and GuardRail Systems all Proudly Made in The USA.

Be The Hero of Your Supply Chain With TZA
Visit TZA Booth #B2330 at MODEX 2018. We'll get your workforce from busy to productive & we'll guarantee it. Be the hero of your supply chain!

Cubiscan Dimensioning Systems
For the past 30 years Cubiscan has been innovating and evolving as the demand for dimensional data and automated measurement has increased. Years of experience has helped us develop expertise in all things dimensioning, expertise that we pass on to you as we guide you through your dimensioning journey. Our ability to interpret, use, and leverage the dimensional data our machines provide truly sets us apart. At Cubiscan, experience is our guide.

Upalet - The Cardboard Pallet
Alpesa introduce to the market a new innovative product: The cardboard pallet. Using materials that are not harmful to the environment, it has many advantages vs tradicional ones; light, tough, safer, recyclable and reduces CO2 emission. Standard sizes: 1/4 Pallet (400x600 mm) 1/2 Pallet (800x600 mm) North American (1000x1000 mm) Euro (800x1200mm) "Can be customized to your need and specifications".

Modula vs. The Rival
Why Choose Modula's Vertical Storage Solutions? Modula vs. The Rival Find out more about our vertical storage solutions and why they are the most advanced vertical lift modules in the market. Discover Modula's competitive advantages and features.

We Are Millwood; We Are Your Unit Load Specialists
At Millwood, we're more than pallets. We're a team of unit load experts who can help you find the right pallet, packaging consumables and packaging systems through our own test lab at a competitive price. Visit us in Booth #B3247!

SpeedCell Storage Solutions
The benefits of the SpeedCell® Storage Solution when compared to the competition are evident: modular, maintenance-free, a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions, and able to serve many different people at the same time. Over the years, the SpeedCell® Storage Solution has seen many revisions. Now, it is safe to say the product is close to perfection!

GEM One Corporation
GEM Systems Overview

Material Handling Dock Lifts - Safer & Faster Alternative Technologies
Save time, labor and money to safely and reliably load or unload trucks anywhere in the absence of any supporting infrastructure. These lifts suit both permanent installations (manufacturing, distribution, retail, etc.) as well as temporary situations such as seasonal agricultural operations, construction sites, the military or disaster zones, etc.

Looking for a long-term (roll-form rack) relationship?
Are you looking for a reliable American-made rack system? One that's engineered for durability and stability? One that won't surprise you with high repair costs and downtime? Click here and check out our video. Or better yet, come see what all the buzz is about at MODEX Booth #B4435.

Order Ful___ment Journey : Find out how to fill the gaps ?
It's time to identify the gaps of your Order Fulfillment Journey and fill them with your perfect Digital Logistics partner. With a wide range of products, plug-ins and services to custom-fit to your business needs and market demands, Highway 905 ensures you a smooth transition onto the digital side of your end-to-end supply chain and logistics.

Scandit Innovation Video
Scandit MatrixScan AR scanning capability streamlines logistics activities like counting inventory and picking orders with any smart device - including drones, digital eyewear and robots. Achieve true supply chain transparency with mobile barcode scanning.

A-Safe's iFlex ForkGuard
The iFlex ForkGuard provides floor level guarding against damage and injury from workplace vehicle accidents.

Introduction to Voodoo Robotics
Check out Voodoo Robotics' new Pick-to-Light hardware. Wireless IoT devices light up in response to a simple URL call. Batteries can last for years! Lease devices month-to-month.

Stellana US | Smoothy90 Polyurethane Tires
Stellana Smoothy90... "No other tire available" will provide the smooth, efficient, safe, and comfortable performance of our Smoothy90 advanced polyurethane tires. Engineered to a precise +/- .005 Total Indicator Run Out, Smoothy90 minimizes truck vibration, reduces mast sway, and provides a smoother safer ride. Count on less down time and an improved bottom line! "It's a Revolution."

Next Generation Material Handling on Display at Modex 2018 Booth#B4987
Vecna Robotics is a recognized leader in is a recognized leader in next-generation robotics and automation. We offer a fleet of intelligent, fully autonomous robotic solutions to optimize distribution, warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, and other logistics workflows. Our products are supported our unique and powerful, proprietary IIoT Monitoring Remote Assist platform which proactively monitors up-time to ensure that a facility's operations flow smoothly 24/7 even in situations that bring other robots to a dead stop With two decades of experience developing advanced systems for medical and military operations our case picking, goods-to-person, person-to-goods, robot-conveyor hybrid material handling systems are the most cost-effective in the market. Vecna Robotics is dedicated to further helping companies, ranging from Fortune 50s to SMEs, reduce costs, improve throughput and stay flexible and competitive.

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