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1) Yard Management Software Sustainability Features
Exhibitor: Yard Management Solutions

Yard Management Solutions (YMS) is a state-of-the-art yard management software that transforms industrial operations by enhancing sustainability. YMS employs a suite of innovative environmental and safety features such as GPS driver tasks, dock proximity spot assignments, driver visibility, dock safety ...

2) Logistics Grade Linerless
Exhibitor: Avery Dennison

Our linerless labels are a continuous-roll form of direct thermal paper media made with typically a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The labels also have a special top release coating on the facesheet. When the roll is wound, the adhesive does not stick to the top of the facesheet. In that way, a roll of ...

3) PacSimulate
Exhibitor: Paccurate, Inc.

PacSimulate is the tool that packaging engineers and supply chain operators need to make efficient decisions around packaging procurement, packing SOPs, and automation. Quickly simulate historical shipments with multiple variables to see how packaging adjustments affect your costs and ESG goals, and ...

4) Energy Harvesting
Exhibitor: Litum Bilgi Teknolojileri San. ve Dis Tic. A.S.

In bustling workplaces, the challenge of consistently charging batteries for electronic devices can be a significant operational hurdle, especially when conventional energy sources are either unavailable or impractical. This challenge extends to devices used in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) as well. ...

5) Stay-Rite Solutions® Universal Stacking Platform Device

STAY-RITE ® SOLUTIONS, LLC Universal Stacking Platform Device, is a uniquely simple 3-patent award winning invention providing an all-in-one, innovative packaging, material handling, and stacking storage solution for bulk open-top gaylord type containers. By reducing direct contact between stacked gaylord ...

6) DL1024 Duplex Linerless Printer
Exhibitor: Toshiba America Business Solutions

Toshiba's Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer simultaneously prints on both sides of a label without using a liner or backing material. Such ingenuity eliminates the plastic pouch and additional packing slip without producing any label liner waste enabling organizations to function more sustainably. Toshiba ...

7) Sustainability Without Sacrifice: BG Robotic Picking
Exhibitor: Berkshire Grey Inc.

At the forefront of AI-enabled robotic picking automation, Berkshire Grey’s innovative suite of solutions leveraging proprietary software and hardware are setting a new standard in sustainability within the industry. Setting Berkshire Grey apart from other robotics providers in the market, BG technology ...

8) Fiberboard Supreme deluxe & ESD
Exhibitor: Unilin Panels

The wood processing industry is increasingly using recycled wood. As do we. These days, our chipboard already consists of 95% recycled wood. But the amount of recycled wood isn't infinite. That’s why it’s important to think ahead. By recycling MDF and HDF, we tap into a completely new raw material. An ...

9) S-MARTs (Syscon Robotics' Moving Automation Robot Total Solution)
Exhibitor: Syscon Co., Ltd.

S-MARTS is Syscon Robotics' total solution for logistics transport robots. It is a total solution including robot autonomous driving technology, unmanned forklift operating system, collaborative software control system, and hardware solution.

10) Greenplan
Exhibitor: EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group)

Greenplan’s dynamic route planning algorithm drives sustainable business with data. By considering time-dependent traffic patterns, overlapping districts, and balanced loads, our software optimizes routing to reduce kms driven and CO2 emissions by up to 20% and total transport costs by up to 30%. These ...

11) OxyReduct Fire Prevention System
Exhibitor: WAGNER Fire Safety

WAGNER developed its OxyReduct® System to be an Active Fire Prevention System. Unlike conventional fire suppression systems, i.e., sprinklers, OxyReduct® does not extinguish fires, but rather prevents fires from starting. Proactive vs reactive Fire Prevention System. The triangle of fire includes ...

12) PIX™ and SLOTS Sustainable Storage Units
Exhibitor: Pallite Inc.

PALLITE Inc. hopes to make a difference……. to help others make a difference. If we are the reason for one less tree being felled or one less truck on the road, then we are succeeding. As a manufacturer it is our responsibility to try to give back, not take from the planet, to produce our products ...

13) inotec RFID inmould label - smart, sustainable and 100% hygienic
Exhibitor: inotec Group

Worldwide, food safety laws become enforced more and more to shift the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it. Implementing a comprehensive "Farm to Fork" system that fulfills all requirements of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Rule 204 involves a multi-faceted approach, ...

14) Split Cart Combo
Exhibitor: Topper Industrial

Topper Industrial, a leading manufacturer in fork truck free cart delivery equipment has created a new cart system. The system called the Split Cart Combo takes tried and true cart delivery functionality and ties them together. This solution was created for an end user that needed to carry long bundles ...

Exhibitor: PAC Machinery

PAC Machinery, leaders in the packaging industry for over 60 years, introduces the PAC FW 650SI Servo Box Motion Inverted Flow Wrapper that runs NEW curbside recyclable paper. This innovative new technology gives industries that flow wrap with an alternative to plastic packaging on horizontal flow wrappers. ...