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1) TDK Trusted Positioning's VENUE: A Revolutionary Real-Time Indoor Positioning and Analytics Service
Exhibitor: Trusted Positioning Inc., a TDK Group Company

TDK Trusted Positioning introduces VENUE, a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing real-time indoor positioning and analytics for large venues. VENUE excels in its unique blend of innovation and practicality, targeting expansive indoor spaces to balance cost with high performance.

2) Genius 2
Exhibitor: is a Norwegian robotics and IoT company that developed the world’s first autonomous wheel – the Genius. With a wide range of use cases across manufacturing, logistics & healthcare, the intelligent wheel allows you to turn your existing objects into autonomous robots and transport almost ...

3) HUBMASTER Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane Technology
Exhibitor: HUBMASTER Warehouse Automation Systems

HUBMASTER's multi-aisle stacker crane technology is a revolutionary advancement in warehouse automation, combining the roles of a manufacturer and a turn-key integrator. Unlike conventional automated vehicles, HUBMASTER's multi-aisle stacker crane’s unique approach involves overhead rail operation, eliminating ...

4) UgoPilot Energy and Battery Management Platform
Exhibitor: UgoWork

Many organizations have material handling operation data at their fingertips. Data may come from their industrial vehicles, lithium-ion batteries or various telemetry systems and fleet managers hope that it will profit them in a way. Unfortunately raw data won’t help unless it is analyzed and personalized ...

5) Apogee
Exhibitor: German Bionic

Apogee – Powered Exoskeleton German Bionic has developed the fully-connected Apogee robotic exoskeleton, which combines human intelligence with machine power to boost workplace safety and worker health. The device provides up to 66 lbs of support per lifting movement to protect the lower back and ...

6) Online Wood Crate Configurator
Exhibitor: SharkCrates

SharkCrates will be launching an online wood crate configurator at Modex 2024 that is accessible from PC, Tablet, and mobile devices. This configurator allows both existing and new customers to design their wood crates from start to finish using both keyed inputs and a 3D visualization as their guide. ...

7) The RightPick™ 4 system – The Next-Generation Robotic Piece-Picking Solution
Exhibitor: RightHand Robotics, Inc.

Launched in January 2024, the RightPick™ 4 system is the new robotic piece-picking solution from RightHand Robotics. This next-generation industrial solution revolutionizes the level of autonomy and reliability of robotic order fulfillment in modern warehouse operations and distribution centers. With ...

8) Automated Buffer Management: Transforming Operations Within Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution Logistics
Exhibitor: Seegrid

Seegrid Corporation, a leading autonomous mobile robot (AMR) provider, is proud to introduce Automated Buffer Management (ABM) — the industry’s first comprehensive buffer management solution. Designed to automate the loading and unloading of inventory buffers throughout manufacturing and distribution ...

9) RoboSense M3 Sensor
Exhibitor: RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 2014, RoboSense introduced the M Platform in 2017. In 2021, RoboSense became the world’s first LiDAR company globally to achieve mass production of automotive grade LiDAR. Its new M3 sensor is the first long-range LiDAR sensor on RoboSense’s M Platform. The M3 delivers a range of 300m ...

10) Four-Way Shuttle
Exhibitor: Geekplus America, Inc.

The Geekplus Pallet-to-Person system is a solution in our comprehensive suite of Goods-to-Person offerings. Pallet-to-Person is part of a hybrid solution that provides high-density pallet storage in the vertical space of a warehouse combined with all the advantages of mobile robots for ground-level picking. ...

11) Container Unloader
Exhibitor: TAWI USA, Inc. - part of the Piab Group

The TAWI Container Unloader is a fully mobile and powered conveyor belt paired with a vacuum tube lifter which is designed to expedite the unloading of loose packages from a shipping container. The TAWI Container Unloader is completely configurable and can have a single powered conveyor, multiple powered ...

12) eve auto
Exhibitor: eve autonomy, inc.

Conveyance system by the self-driving vehicle.

13) Safety Sign and Line LED Projectors
Exhibitor: Image Projection

Traditional safety signage requires regular repainting and reapplication due to wear and tear. Image Projection provides a solution to this costly and inconvenient problem by offering long-lasting images created by LED and laser projectors that are easily installed and have the capacity to project customizable, ...

14) XPRESSPICKUP™ (XPP) system
Exhibitor: ORBIS Corporation

The XPP system seamlessly integrates with a retailer's existing Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) operations. This ensures that retailers can adopt the system without major disruptions to their established processes, making it a practical and efficient solution for streamlining in-store operations. The ...

15) AiVA
Exhibitor: Speedshield Technologies LLC

The 'Artificial Intelligence Vision Assist' (AiVA) system, developed by Speedshield Technologies, is an innovative vision-based solution that employs advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to detect pedestrians. This system enhances operator situational awareness by automatically identifying ...

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