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1) Raymond Outdoor Electric Counterbalanced Lift Trucks
Exhibitor: The Raymond Corporation

Whether you’re working inside or out, Raymond’s first counterbalanced forklift of its kind, the Raymond 4800 Counterbalanced Truck, with a 4-7k capacity range, gives you a high-capacity, high performance electric forklift designed to help you operate more efficiently, comfortably, and productively. Designed ...

2) Raymond High Capacity Orderpicker
Exhibitor: The Raymond Corporation

The Raymond® High Capacity Orderpicker is the tool the e-commerce industry has been asking for to help bring operations to new levels of performance. The High Capacity Orderpicker works with the Raymond suite of High Capacity offerings and helps optimize operators’ storage capacity without increasing ...

3) Raymond iWAREHOUSE® FieldSense (iW.FieldSense)
Exhibitor: The Raymond Corporation

Raymond’s iW.FieldSense is a robust proximity notification system designed to alert pedestrians and lift truck operators when they come within a predefined distance of properly equipped trucks and pedestrians. The system also can alert vehicle operators to the proximity of properly equipped structural ...

4) iWAREHOUSE Integrated Tether System
Exhibitor: The Raymond Corporation

The iWAREHOUSE® Integrated Tether System, is a first -of-its-kind operator assist technology, that has been designed to provide alerts to operators and mangers, and limit truck functionality if an operator is not properly secured. The iWAREHOUSE Integrated Tether System features a smart tether that communicates ...