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1) ROEQ TMS-C1500
Exhibitor ROEQ

The NEW ROEQ TMS-C1500 cart solution provides a powerful boost to the MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMR), enabling significantly higher payloads than previously possible. Capable of handling total payloads of up to 1500 kg (3300 lbs), the new ROEQ top module TMS-C1500 combined with the new ROEQ S-Cart1500W ...

2) ROEQ GuardCom System
Exhibitor ROEQ

ROEQ GuardCom is an innovative system that enables a safer, faster and more reliable transfer of loads between autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and stationary conveyor stations, ensuring instant communication and data transfer between the top rollers of the AMR and the conveyor. The key benefit of this ...

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