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1) GoFa™ CRB 15000
Exhibitor ABB Robotics

ABB Robotics created an intuitive, user-friendly design to encourage people, and particularly first-time users, to confidently use and interact with robots.?Narrowing the boundaries between industrial and consumer products, the GoFa™ collaborative robot is the fastest cobot in its class and is intended ...

2) 400 Trip 40 x 48 Odyssey® HD Open Deck Pallet
Exhibitor ORBIS Corporation

The 40 x 48 Odyssey® pallet is a robust reusable plastic packaging solution that supports heavy loads up to 2,800 pounds and has approximately 36 times the life span of a 40 x 48 whitewood stringer pallet. The Virginia Tech Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design found that the Odyssey can complete ...

3) ADAPTO Shuttle

Vanderlande ADAPTO is a shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system, relied on by many of the world’s most advanced warehouse operations, including those of omni-channel leaders in the grocery, retail and fashion industries. Through multidirectional movement and sequencing, ADAPTO has automated ...

4) AGILOX X-Swarm Technology

The AGILOX X-Swarm Technology is the first truly intelligent de-centralized software solution that operates a fleet of AGILOX AMRs without the need for any infrastructure installation (fleet manager, server, navigation support) or central operating system. Through its unique Plug & Perform architecture ...

5) Alliance Intelligent Battery Series

The Alliance Intelligent Battery Series consists of two different lithium-ion battery packs the I-Series and the E-Series. The I-Series modules are an industry-standard GC2 size form factor with the highest energy content and the highest power handling capabilities on the market. Offered in both 24 and ...

6) AmbiSort
Exhibitor Ambi Robotics

To meet accelerated ecommerce demand, AmbiSort is a configurable, AI-powered robotic sorting system that rapidly adapts to any product set. AmbiSort can sort boxes, polybags, and envelopes from bulk input flow (e.g. chutes, totes, and bins) into destination mail sacks. AmbiSort enables the growing number ...

7) Automated RFID Tower

T&W Operations utilizes RFID technologies throughout our patented suite of products including the Tower Inventory System. T&W’s newest model, the Expandable Robotic Tower Inventory system or TIS-ER, is a vertically expandable robotic system, which provides completely autonomous inventory management. ...

8) AutoStore Grocery Micro Fulfillment Center (MFC) Solution
Exhibitor AutoStore

The AutoStore Grocery MFC Solution combines hardware and software capabilities to fulfill more customer orders faster than ever before and exceed customer expectations. AutoStore is a modular-based solution that can adapt to facilities of any layout or size, including multiple levels and around pillars ...

9) Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (RSPW)
Exhibitor Berkshire Grey

Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (RSPW) solution for eCommerce fulfillment addresses eCommerce growth, labor availability, processing cost and operational challenges. RSPW is an automated put wall system that increases capacity and throughput with robotic-assisted automation, giving companies ...

10) BG Line Sorter
Exhibitor BEUMER Corporation

The BG Line Sorter sets new benchmarks for mid-size volume material handling by combining the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of high-speed cross-belt sortation. Its modular design provides the optimal use of space efficiency, while highly durable belts ensures ultra-low maintenance. ...

11) BG Pouch System
Exhibitor BEUMER Corporation

Flexible automation is a common denominator with the BG Pouch System. The system enables processes such as regular sorting after picking, batch sortation and intermediate storage handling of returned items to be completed with less manual handling. A fulfillment or distribution center can flatten its ...

12) Blue Line Modular Lithium-ion Forklift Battery System
Exhibitor Blue Line Battery

Blue Line's Modular Lithium-ion Forklift Battery System delivers unprecedented reliability and performance in the material handling industry. These battery systems are comprised of easily-configurable modules that allow for hassle-free on-site servicing. This system unlocks and delivers true reliability ...

13) BYD ECC 32 Forklift
Exhibitor BYD Motors Inc.

The ECC32 is BYD’s latest cushion tire forklift model. This lithium iron phosphate (LFP) powered forklift has a 7,000 pound capacity and added maneuverability, making it ideal for tight areas in distribution and manufacturing. BYD has the only fully vertically integrated forklift on the market, producing ...

14) Centerboard Microservices
Exhibitor Centerboard

With Centerboard’s extensively engineered Microservices – an API solution enabling seamless technology integration for shippers and technology providers – users have access to advanced functionalities and features enabling full transparency and control of their supply chain operations, all at an affordable ...

15) CLASSY by CMC - Stylish, luxury and customised right-sized boxes for e-commerce
Exhibitor CMC SpA

A luxury “oyster-style” right-sized box for e-fulfilment. Returnable and sustainable it represents the next generation of on demand packaging

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