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1) Locus Vector AMR
Exhibitor: Locus Robotics

Locus Vector redefines automation for the modern warehouse with the first industrial-grade mobile robot designed for seamless order picking, material handling, and logistics flexibility. Built on a robust chassis with a compact footprint and pioneering omnidirectional mobility, Locus Vector navigates ...

2) Roly® Product Containment Safety Gate
Exhibitor: Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc.

The new Roly® product containment mezzanine safety gates are the only single solution that provides fall protection for both people and products in pallet drop areas. Material handling and warehousing facilities are adding multi-level rack and other product storage systems, and pallet drop areas are ...

3) TeamViewer Gamifies Vision Picking 
Exhibitor: TeamViewer

Vision picking combines the capabilities and advantages of established picking technologies for an unmatched picking performance. Warehouse operators receive and see only the order information they need for a specific job, cutting out distractions and improving their picking time. This comes from a combination ...

Exhibitor: ORBIS Corporation

The XPP system seamlessly integrates with a retailer's existing Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) operations. This ensures that retailers can adopt the system without major disruptions to their established processes, making it a practical and efficient solution for streamlining in-store operations. The ...

5) 3D Shuttle Robot System SLS600
Exhibitor: HWArobotics PTE. LTD.

In a multi-aisle system with large storage capacity, even if only one shuttle is configured for each aisle, the operating capacity provided by all the shuttles is far greater than the overall demand, resulting in excess efficiency, which leads to waste of investment. In addition, more importantly, in ...

6) 3D sorter
Exhibitor: Mushiny Robotics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

The 3D Sorter intelligent seeding system has a larger storage capacity under the same volume, allowing for arbitrary settings of the length, width, and height dimensions of the seeding compartments. It enables ultra-dense and high-flow continuous seeding.

7) 5-minute Fast Charging Battery
Exhibitor: Nyobolt Limited

Nyobolt’s breakthrough Li-ion battery is capable of fully recharging from 0 to 100% in 5 minutes or less at charge speeds not previously possible. This game-changing capability enables Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to operate almost continuously in all warehouse environments – hot, ambient, refrigerated, ...

8) Active Safety
Exhibitor: Troax, Inc.

Active Safety is protection where barriers can't go. 70% of warehouse injuries involve forklift accidents. Active safety is the best new innovation that tackles Forklift, Pedestrian, Traffic, and Docking Safety.

9) AirRob
Exhibitor: Zhejiang Libiao Robotics Co., Ltd.

Libiao Robotics' AirRob system is at the forefront of redefining modern storage solutions, seamlessly integrating high storage density and organizational traffic demands with the precision of robotic technology. The comprehensive system, including AirRob, floor-bots, racks, totes, and workstations, stands ...

10) AiVA
Exhibitor: Speedshield Technologies LLC

The 'Artificial Intelligence Vision Assist' (AiVA) system, developed by Speedshield Technologies, is an innovative vision-based solution that employs advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to detect pedestrians. This system enhances operator situational awareness by automatically identifying ...

11) AK 300 ECO D Solar Panel Battery Locker
Exhibitor: Arka Rec SRL

Starting in 2021, ARKA Smart Parcel Lockers' R&D Department has worked on developing the energy-autonomous locker, which has now reached its 7th iteration. This cutting-edge energy-autonomous locker incorporates the peripherals of the classic locker, introducing an innovation that changes the operational ...

12) All Wheel Ground(AWG) System

All THIRA Robotics AMRs are equipped with the AWG system, which provides stable driving through mechanical design. We define second-generation AMRs as those that can drive in various environments, not just in uniform conditions. Second-generation AMRs do not tilt even on uneven floors caused by frequent ...

Exhibitor: Wulftec International Inc.

Wulftec is pleased to announce that for the first time ever at a MHI show, we will be exhibiting two all-electric stretch wrappers. On display at our booth B7911 at MODEX 2024 will be the all-electric automated high profile SMHPA and the fully automatic rotary arm WCRT-200 stretch wrappers.

14) Apex 2
Exhibitor: HeroWear, LLC

The Apex 2 is a lightweight back-assist exosuit that combines the power of science with a focus on comfort, resulting in unparalleled protection and wearability. The suit offloads 20-40% of back muscle strain and reduces fatigue by up to 40% for users who bend and lift as a major part of their job. It ...

15) Apex C1500-L
Exhibitor: ForwardX Robotics

The Apex C1500-L Autonomous Forklift represents a groundbreaking advancement in material handling technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art environmental perception capabilities, this forklift boasts an array of multi-line LiDARs and obstacle recognition cameras, setting new standards in operational ...

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