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76) Meta® BornDigital™
Exhibitor: WestRock

WestRock’s Meta®?BornDigital™?automation system — an integrated case-forming and inline tagging system — accurately applies labels, tags and sensors to a strategic location inside the box to enable tracking of goods for improved inventory management and traceability across the entire supply chain. With ...

77) Kardex Intuitive Picking Assistant
Exhibitor: Kardex

High throughput performance and quality are essential in the picking process. However, it can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming job, which can lead to inefficiencies and errors. Current challenges in picking include finding highly trained workers and reducing picking errors. The Kardex Intuitive ...

78) DexoryView
Exhibitor: Dexory

DexoryView is the only system to combine autonomous scanning robots with AI powered analytics to provide real-time warehouse visibility using digital twin technology, providing a continuous flow of real-time data and analytics straight into your warehouse operations. The Dexory solution consists of ...

79) CMC Genesys Combo with Nexus
Exhibitor: CMC SpA

The CMC Genesys Combo represents a groundbreaking innovation: the only fully automated auto-packer that can leverage single and multiline orders streams, adding to the CMC Vary-Tote technology a new conveyor for single SKUs. The fully integrated CMC Nexus, a carousel system that efficiently manages ...

80) FieldEquip
Exhibitor: Bursys

FieldEquip brings an innovative and cutting edge field service management software platform that empowers companies to maintain the highest uptime for their equipment/assets. FieldEquip helps to manage the preventive maintenance schedules for the assets along with complete management of the technical ...

81) Trio Safe AI
Exhibitor: Trio Mobil Inc.

Trio Safe AI revolutionizes forklift safety by integrating an AI camera and UWB proximity detection, offering 360-degree protection. This system significantly reduces accidents by detecting humans and other forklifts, automatically adjusting speeds in dangerous situations, and providing real-time alerts. ...

82) Robotic Trailer (Un)loading
Exhibitor: XYZ Robotics

Trailer (un)loading is one of the most labor-intensive tasks in the warehouse. It involves heavy lifting and carries high risks and costs when performed manually. XYZ Robotics offers an automated robotic solution for trailer (un)loading. Featuring remote supervision and control, it ensures secure and ...

83) Asian Elephant Intelligent Unloading Robot System
Exhibitor: BlueSword Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

High Safety Using a hybrid navigation method primarily based on laser SLAM navigation, the system is equipped with various safety measures, including deceleration, anti-collision, and obstacle avoidance, achieving automatic navigation and 360° all-round safety obstacle avoidance for the equipment. High ...

84) Optimal Picking
Exhibitor: Optimal Discovery LLC

Optimal Picking outperforms traditional voice picking systems by giving pickers a 3D design of the pallets or carts that they need to build. It guides pickers step by step, so pickers no longer have to design and keep redesigning a pallet as they add cases to it. No time is wasted rearranging cases ...

85) JLT Insights™
Exhibitor: JLT Mobile Computers

JLT Insights™ is an information-rich management dashboard that takes operational intelligence to a new level by combining IT-system data with vehicle dynamics – giving logistics managers vital information upon which crucial real-time operational decisions can be made. In addition to IT-hardware-health ...

86) Hyco N71 Cloud PDA
Exhibitor: Hyco by Lotwork

Hyco N71 Cloud PDA is the world’s first Cloud and AI-powered personal digital assistant. It provides unmatched data security and empowers users with unprecedented freedom to enhance functionality and streamline processes, poised to transform the way people engage with PDAs. With cutting-edge technology ...

87) Hyco W26 Laser Ring Scanner
Exhibitor: Hyco by Lotwork

The Hyco W26 Ring Scanner isn't just a barcode scanner; it's a prime example of challenging the limits of traditional technology. The scan engine's power consumption is only 5% of traditional solutions, enabling a smaller battery and a compact design. Weighing a mere 20g, the Hyco W26 Ring Scanner provides ...

88) Stay-Rite Solutions® Universal Stacking Platform Device

STAY-RITE ® SOLUTIONS, LLC Universal Stacking Platform Device, is a uniquely simple 3-patent award winning invention providing an all-in-one, innovative packaging, material handling, and stacking storage solution for bulk open-top gaylord type containers. By reducing direct contact between stacked gaylord ...

89) Deepsky® from Exotec
Exhibitor: Exotec

Deepsky is Exotec’s warehouse execution system (WES) software that serves as a connective layer, seamlessly integrating Exotec Skypod® robotics technology with most warehouse management control systems and third-party automation equipment, streamlining customers’ complex warehouse operations and providing ...

90) DL1024 Duplex Linerless Printer
Exhibitor: Toshiba America Business Solutions

Toshiba's Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer simultaneously prints on both sides of a label without using a liner or backing material. Such ingenuity eliminates the plastic pouch and additional packing slip without producing any label liner waste enabling organizations to function more sustainably. Toshiba ...

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