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61) Rajant Cowbell
Exhibitor: Rajant Corporation

Known as the Cowbell, this state-of-the-art edge AI platform is a distributed computing hub and platform-as-a-service to streamline and simplify the delivery and management of AI applications at the edge. Housed in a rugged industrial-grade IP-rated enclosure, the Cowbell is a versatile platform ...

62) The Mobile Warehouse System
Exhibitor: Macrovey

This innovation is a novel system design that leverages artificial intelligence and advanced software to create a trailer-based mobile warehouse, capable of fitting within an area of 700 square feet. The system is composed of two distinct trailers, each serving a specific function. A picking trailer ...

63) Meet Me™️ Automation: Person-to-Goods Order Fulfillment Powered by Pyxis™️
Exhibitor: Onward Robotics

At Onward Robotics, we're lighting and leading the way to fast, reliable, and accurate order fulfillment: so businesses can not only remain competitive, but grow. Launched in 2023, our person-to-goods automation solution combines proprietary software with mobile robots to dramatically increase operational ...

64) Opera
Exhibitor: WestRock

OPERA is a fully automated solution designed to efficiently create right-size packaging for the variable needs of the e-commerce channel. Engineered to accommodate a wide range of single or multiple products, OPERA leverages a patented cross-shaped blank and a patented box production system to create ...

65) Semi-Automatic Mixed Load Palletizer
Exhibitor: NuMove Robotics & Vision

NuMove’s Semi-Automatic Mixed Load Palletizer has been introduced in the market in November 2020. Since then, fifteen systems have been acquired by various facilities around the US. It is known as a robust and reliable palletizing solution for distribution centers seeking to cost-effectively prepare ...

66) xDIM Mobile Dimensioning
Exhibitor: MobileDemand

xDIM is a modern, multi-method mobile dimensioning system that quickly and accurately captures dimensions of standard and oversized boxes, irregular items, small items and pallets, from anywhere in the distribution center or warehouse. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ...

67) OTTO 600
Exhibitor: OTTO Motors

OTTO 600 is the industry’s smallest midsize autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that automates material handling workflows in manufacturing facilities worldwide. Built on OTTO Motors’ 15 years of industry-leading robotics expertise and over 5 million production hours, OTTO 600 has the power to move material ...

68) MOT RFID Station
Exhibitor: Rielec

Clustag MOT Station is an innovative massive, fast and efficient RFID scanner. It can be considered the most powerful RFID mass reading and encoding solution on the market, compared to traditional RFID tunnels. It is designed to increase the capacity and improve the reliability of RFID processes without ...

69) Brightpick Autopicker

Brightpick Autopicker is the only autonomous mobile robot (AMR) in the world capable of picking and consolidating orders directly in the warehouse aisles. The robot’s patented two-tote design enables it to retrieve storage totes (bins) from shelving and robotically pick individual items from those storage ...

70) Pick Assist Robot with Put-To-Light and Picker Guidance System
Exhibitor: Rapyuta Robotics

Rapyuta Robotics' Pick Assist Robot represents a cutting-edge solution in the realm of automation and robotics, specifically designed to revolutionize the field of order fulfillment and logistics. While pick assist robots have been around in a while and in a field that already has a plethora of options, ...

71) Litum Forklift Safety Solution
Exhibitor: Litum Bilgi Teknolojileri San. ve Dis Tic. A.S.

Litum's Forklift Safety Solution, recognized with the "2022 Product of the Year" award from IoT Evolution World, integrates Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to enhance safety in industrial environments. The core functionality of the solution lies in its ability to ...

72) BridgeSync: Tailored Manufacturing AI Chatbot
Exhibitor: O'Neal Inc.

Bridge Automation introduces BridgeSync: a digital manufacturing generative AI chatbot, your personal assistant with an extensive knowledge of your facility, ERP, and MES systems. Without any technical background or knowledge of databases, you can ask questions about any aspect of your manufacturing ...

73) Grid Speed Reader (GSR)
Exhibitor: CoGri USA Inc.

The Grid Speed Reader (GSR) is a ground-breaking innovation designed to revolutionize AutoStore™ system installation and troubleshooting, offering precision, safety, and efficiency in system setup and maintenance. The GSR measures the slope of each cell, diagonally and in both the x and y directions ...

74) Energy Harvesting
Exhibitor: Litum Bilgi Teknolojileri San. ve Dis Tic. A.S.

In bustling workplaces, the challenge of consistently charging batteries for electronic devices can be a significant operational hurdle, especially when conventional energy sources are either unavailable or impractical. This challenge extends to devices used in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) as well. ...

75) Semi-Autonomous Navigation and Automated Picking Guidance System
Exhibitor: Litum Bilgi Teknolojileri San. ve Dis Tic. A.S.

Currently in the late stages of R&D, Litum's Semi-Autonomous Navigation and Automated Picking Guidance System introduces a new approach to logistics management. Developed for easy compatibility with a Fortune 50 retailer’s existing infrastructure, the system employs Machine Learning algorithms to provide ...

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