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46) Ocado Storage and Retrieval System
Exhibitor: 6 River Systems

The Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) is the fulfillment platform for peak productivity, reliability, and unmatched return on investment. The OSRS unites receiving, storage, retrieval, picking, buffering, and outload processes across a fulfillment operation to simplify and streamline operations ...

47) Belden Horizon Data Operations (BHDO)
Exhibitor: Belden Inc.

Belden Horizon Data Operations (BHDO) addresses industrial data complexity through secure, managed data access, analytics and integration. BHDO collects data from field devices for contextualization and analysis at the edge. BHDO then transfers data from edge devices to IT systems for storage and further ...

48) Avery Dennison Over-The-Road RFID Reader
Exhibitor: Avery Dennison

The Avery Dennison Over-The-Road Reader is for logistics customers who require maximum inventory visibility and routing accuracy. By using best-in-class RFID reader technology, we have created a fixed RFID reader that is truly mobile. A rugged but thin, adjustable profile allows for ceiling-mounted installation ...

49) Logistics Grade Linerless
Exhibitor: Avery Dennison

Our linerless labels are a continuous-roll form of direct thermal paper media made with typically a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The labels also have a special top release coating on the facesheet. When the roll is wound, the adhesive does not stick to the top of the facesheet. In that way, a roll of ...

50) SlipBot Automated Loading Robots (ALRs) for 5-minute truck loading/unloading
Exhibitor: Slip Robotics

SlipBot Automated Loading Robots (ALRs) empower anyone to auto-load and auto-unload any truck in just 5 minutes – at any dock, in any trailer, and with zero Wi-Fi or IT integration required. Why is that significant? The global supply chain is a network of networks, with many nodes exchanging freight ...

51) Avery Dennison’s Logistics Suite
Exhibitor: Avery Dennison

The Avery Dennison Logistics Suite comprises logistics solutions, enabling a fully connected supply chain and making digital connectivity possible for any item. Each of our complimentary components play a vital role in uncovering actionable insights in the supply chain to deliver value. Our Logistics ...

52) TeamViewer Gamifies Vision Picking 
Exhibitor: TeamViewer

Vision picking combines the capabilities and advantages of established picking technologies for an unmatched picking performance. Warehouse operators receive and see only the order information they need for a specific job, cutting out distractions and improving their picking time. This comes from a combination ...

53) PONTEM Warehouse Control System
Exhibitor: Fidus Global

Pontem is the world’s first patented Warehouse Control System designed for end-users to break away from proprietary systems and forced relationships in order to take control of their warehouse operations via open architecture automated solutions. Traditionally, WCS offerings have been bare bones programs ...

54) redPILOT® Work Scheduler
Exhibitor: KNAPP

KNAPP’s redPILOT® Operational Excellence solution made waves 5 years ago when it won MHI’s IT Innovation award at Promat 2019. This first of its kind platform allowed for automated labor planning and real-time resource orchestration to ensure the right operators were in the right place at the right ...

55) SafeStop ForkLift Gate
Exhibitor: McCue Corporation

Introducing the SafeStop ForkLift Gate, our latest product innovation that revolutionizes industrial safety barriers. This cutting-edge gate seamlessly combines powerful strength with ergonomic design, delivering unparalleled forklift-stopping power in the deployed position while ensuring easy access ...

56) Elite™ WMS for Healthcare Distribution
Exhibitor: Tecsys

Elite™ WMS for Healthcare Distribution is the industry’s first warehouse management system to integrate serialized DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act) support, enabling continuous compliance with FDA regulations. It uniquely maintains full inference data on the GS1 system of standards, including the ...

57) FoxBot Autonomous Forklift
Exhibitor: Fox Robotics Inc.

The world’s first Class 1 electric, stand-up autonomous forklift, the FoxBot has successfully unloaded more than 2 million pallets across 42 customer sites, improving worker safety and unloading efficiency while maximizing uptime. Developed with innovative, proprietary technology, the FoxBot automates ...

58) ARC
Exhibitor: ARC by ChargeItSpot

ARC is an intelligent device management locker system that charges enterprise assets and distributes them to authenticated users. The self-service kiosk keeps users accountable for their devices by creating a 1:1 check-out process, preventing users from checking out more devices than they are allowed ...

59) PacSimulate
Exhibitor: Paccurate, Inc.

PacSimulate is the tool that packaging engineers and supply chain operators need to make efficient decisions around packaging procurement, packing SOPs, and automation. Quickly simulate historical shipments with multiple variables to see how packaging adjustments affect your costs and ESG goals, and ...

60) 5-minute Fast Charging Battery
Exhibitor: Nyobolt Limited

Nyobolt’s breakthrough Li-ion battery is capable of fully recharging from 0 to 100% in 5 minutes or less at charge speeds not previously possible. This game-changing capability enables Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to operate almost continuously in all warehouse environments – hot, ambient, refrigerated, ...

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