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31) NPI’s Pallet Hold-Down Kit
Exhibitor: NPI

NPI's Pallet Hold-Down Kit is a simple, safe, and fast restraint solution designed to hold pallets securely in place while unloading parcels with a dumper. Compatible with palleted gaylords, mail carts, collapsible bins, and stacks of boxes on pallets, the kit is easy to install, integrates with existing ...

32) DLT-V73 Series
Exhibitor: Advantech USA

Advantech's DLT-V73 series is an x86 & RISC Based industrial grade vehicle-mounted terminal (VMT) designed for the most demanding applications to provide maximum system uptime. The slim and compact design consumes minimal installation space, but it also minimizes obstructions to road visibility, thereby ...

33) Kardex FulfillX WES
Exhibitor: Kardex

Kardex FulfillX is an AutoStore-focused warehouse execution software that is purpose-built by experienced automation engineers maximize the full capabilities of AutoStore systems and complimentary technologies. The user-friendly interface offers seamless personalization and enhanced flexibility. Developed ...

34) Centurion™ Rack Repair
Exhibitor: SpaceGuard Products, Inc.

The Centurion™ Rack Repair product line by SpaceGuard Products represents a groundbreaking advancement in pallet rack maintenance and repair, offering a comprehensive range of innovative solutions for repairing and reinforcing damaged uprights. Consisting of the Centurion™ Low Guard, Mid Guard, High ...

35) PFF kilo
Exhibitor: Piaggio Fast Forward

The Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) kilo™ solution is a 4-wheeled materials handling platform equipped with a zero turn radius that adapts PFF's proprietary human following technology to allow for hands-free movement of goods. This advanced solution provides a safer and smarter way to transport materials, ...

36) AutoPocket
Exhibitor: KNAPP

The PocketSorter is a modular, intelligent sorter designed to provide automated transport and sortation at low cost per unit, with a high degree of accuracy - and at high performance. Ideal for applications in e-commerce and omni-channel requiring the staging and sorting of items including hanging goods ...

37) Made4net StoreExpert
Exhibitor: MADE4NET

Made4net is creating a transformation omnichannel solution for Ingka Group, the largest IKEA retailer, who is on a mission to significantly change how they interact with IKEA customers in a more flexible and intuitive way. Their goal is to enable customers to shop, order and receive products in a more ...

38) Yard Management Software Sustainability Features
Exhibitor: Yard Management Solutions

Yard Management Solutions (YMS) is a state-of-the-art yard management software that transforms industrial operations by enhancing sustainability. YMS employs a suite of innovative environmental and safety features such as GPS driver tasks, dock proximity spot assignments, driver visibility, dock safety ...

39) Apex C1500-L
Exhibitor: ForwardX Robotics

The Apex C1500-L Autonomous Forklift represents a groundbreaking advancement in material handling technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art environmental perception capabilities, this forklift boasts an array of multi-line LiDARs and obstacle recognition cameras, setting new standards in operational ...

40) ShipPlan.AI
Exhibitor: CSCS

Dynamic Planning for Warehouse Shipping - In an efficient environment, Transportation Management, goes through tons of planning and considers various constraints (such as infeasibility, delivery timelines, order consolidation, carbon footprint, route optimization, etc.,) before making the actual transportation ...

41) DeliveryDefense Address Confidence
Exhibitor: UPS Capital

In the relentless battle against porch piracy, businesses need more than just a shipping label – they need a game-changer. According to a recent study by SafeWise, three out of four consumers surveyed were victims of porch pirated theft in the last 12 months, resulting in an estimated 119 million stolen ...

42) Slide Open Gate (USA Version)
Exhibitor: Itoh Denki USA, Inc.

The Itoh Denki USA Slide Open Gate (SOG2 USA) module allows for convenient access to a conveyor line with the push of a button. The Slide Open Gate is fully powered by our 24V DC motor driven rollers (MDR), eliminating the use of manuals. Instead, the SOG2 USA lowers slightly and slides under the adjacent ...

43) Robotic Layer Mixed Load Palletizer
Exhibitor: NuMove Robotics & Vision

NuMove’s Robotic Layer Mixed Palletizer is designed to handle complete layers of mixed products with a throughput of up to 2000 cases per hour with one robot! This solution builds stable pallets, accommodating varying product formats and sizes within each layer while minimizing the number of top-off ...

44) Automated Wireless Charging
Exhibitor: Resonant Link, Inc.

With ongoing labor challenges, higher demands on throughput, space at a premium, and a challenging macroeconomic environment, warehouse operators must adapt their power and energy management to win in the future. By leveraging automated wireless charging, fleet managers can achieve the benefits of highly ...

45) ELOshield AGV/AMR module
Exhibitor: ELOKON Inc.

The ELOshield AGV/AMR module prevents accidents between small and easy-to-overlook driverless transport vehicles (automated guided vehicles/autonomous mobile robots) and industrial forklifts equipped with the ELOshield forklift safety and pedestrian detection system. The Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) -based ...

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