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16) Kaleris Yard Management System
Exhibitor: Kaleris

Yard management innovations from Kaleris level up efficiency and safety while also creating a shipper-of-choice experience for drivers. The new features include Intelligent Trailer Movement, Enhanced Driver Experiences, and Real-Time Trailer Tracking with BLE tags. Intelligent Trailer Movement strategically ...

17) Four-Way Shuttle
Exhibitor: Geekplus America, Inc.

The Geekplus Pallet-to-Person system is a solution in our comprehensive suite of Goods-to-Person offerings. Pallet-to-Person is part of a hybrid solution that provides high-density pallet storage in the vertical space of a warehouse combined with all the advantages of mobile robots for ground-level picking. ...

18) Container Unloader
Exhibitor: TAWI USA, Inc. - part of the Piab Group

The TAWI Container Unloader is a fully mobile and powered conveyor belt paired with a vacuum tube lifter which is designed to expedite the unloading of loose packages from a shipping container. The TAWI Container Unloader is completely configurable and can have a single powered conveyor, multiple powered ...

19) Optimal Slotting
Exhibitor: Optimal Discovery LLC

Optimal Slotting is a SKU slotting solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence and advanced visualization technology. The system’s comprehensive list of capabilities include: • Powerful, user-friendly algorithm to optimize SKU slotting • A 3D digital twin of the warehouse to understand historical ...

20) MHFleet Connect Cam: Forklift telematics with integrated on-board Video recording system
Exhibitor: VEBAR USA, LLC

The new Vebar's MHFleet Connect Cam is a cutting-edge Forklift Telematics Solution, engineered by VEBAR’s European & American Team of Engineers. The 2024 enhancement adds AI-powered cameras with innovative pedestrian recognition and 30 day video recording capabilities that are seamlessly integrated ...

21) MARK Basic Multi Range with Advanced Scanning
Exhibitor: ProGlove

The new ProGlove MARK Basic Wearable Scanner introduces a paradigm shift in barcode scanning, offering an unparalleled combination of multi-range scanning capability, increased durability, and extended battery life. This innovation revolutionizes the way workers in manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, ...

22) eve auto
Exhibitor: eve autonomy, inc.

Conveyance system by the self-driving vehicle.

23) Safety Sign and Line LED Projectors
Exhibitor: Image Projection

Traditional safety signage requires regular repainting and reapplication due to wear and tear. Image Projection provides a solution to this costly and inconvenient problem by offering long-lasting images created by LED and laser projectors that are easily installed and have the capacity to project customizable, ...

24) XPRESSPICKUP™ (XPP) system
Exhibitor: ORBIS Corporation

The XPP system seamlessly integrates with a retailer's existing Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) operations. This ensures that retailers can adopt the system without major disruptions to their established processes, making it a practical and efficient solution for streamlining in-store operations. The ...

25) AiVA
Exhibitor: Speedshield Technologies LLC

The 'Artificial Intelligence Vision Assist' (AiVA) system, developed by Speedshield Technologies, is an innovative vision-based solution that employs advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to detect pedestrians. This system enhances operator situational awareness by automatically identifying ...

26) IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ System with Uni-Conn™ Dock
Exhibitor: RAM Mounts

This docking system combines a sleek protective case with pogo pin charging and a low-profile, snap-in dock for vehicle mounting. The IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ sports clean edges with a hard composite encloser and a primary attachment point on the back of the case that snaps into the Uni-Conn™ dock. The ...

27) Apex 2
Exhibitor: HeroWear, LLC

The Apex 2 is a lightweight back-assist exosuit that combines the power of science with a focus on comfort, resulting in unparalleled protection and wearability. The suit offloads 20-40% of back muscle strain and reduces fatigue by up to 40% for users who bend and lift as a major part of their job. It ...

28) PowerHIVE(TM)
Exhibitor: Concentric, LLC

Imagine driving your lithium-powered forklift up to a charging station, pushing a button and reloading your battery power in 2 minutes. It is possible with PowerHive, the industry-first automated forklift battery system providing on-demand, sustainable and scalable battery power for the forklifts, AGVs ...

29) Third Wave Automation - Autonomous Reach Trucks
Exhibitor: Third Wave Automation

Third Wave Automation has developed an innovative approach to automating material handling vehicles by focusing on the edge cases that traditionally limited ROI and customer adoption of automation systems in warehouses. We have created a system that allows automation, machine learning and human operators ...

30) NPI’s Semi-Automatic Bulk Singulator
Exhibitor: NPI

Converting bulk into singulated flow has always been one of the most challenging aspects for feeding automated parcel processing solutions. Historically, there have been two options; either a manual and time consuming approach or an automated solution with a very large footprint and an extremely high ...

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