Summary of Innovation

SpecLab uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and proprietary airflow data to model complex facilities—complete with interior walls and other building elements that impact airflow—and run precise simulations of our fans’ performance. Coupled with a free facility inspection by our airflow experts, SpecLab ensures the perfect recommendation for the size, number, and placement of the Big Ass fans in a space to guarantee performance and results before a facility even makes the purchase. It's a revolutionary game-changer delivering precise measurements unlike anything else on the market to help employers attract and retain people.

Innovation Statement

With SpecLab, a customer no longer has to guess how to provide a comfortable, safe, healthy indoor air environment. Our products and their proprietary data can all be input into the software, be analyzed in minutes, and deliver accurate results.


Every facility's biggest challenge is attracting and retaining talent and a major reason why is the perception of the work environment; SpecLab allows you to deliver a better workplace environment for your employees.


Posted Date10/05/21
ContactAlex Risen
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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