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The polybag and small item sorter represent an advancement in sortation technology that utilizes modular servo-electric motor control divert technology. This sortation system eliminates the need for compressed air and offers high precision, flexible speed control to handle a wide variety of polybags, padded bags, small cartons, and items. The sorter operates at a rate of 40 units per minute, handling bags or cartons weighing up to 15 pounds. Pre-tested with control, the sorter reduces field installation and start-up time. A flexible mix of after-diverting destinations supports sorting products directly to chutes, mail bags, or gaylords.

Innovation Statement

The Numina Group all-electric servo-controlled sweeper small parcel sorter efficiently handles diverse packages, weighing up to 20lbs, sorting up to 55 parcels a minute with precision, eliminating manual labor and shipping errors.


The RDS Poly and Padded Bag Sorter streamlines parcel handling processes, boosting efficiency, reducing manual labor, and minimizing shipping errors, ultimately enhancing operational productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Posted Date1/31/24
ContactJennifer Maloney
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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