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Summary of Innovation is a Norwegian robotics and IoT company that developed the world’s first autonomous wheel – the Genius. With a wide range of use cases across manufacturing, logistics & healthcare, the intelligent wheel allows you to turn your existing objects into autonomous robots and transport almost any object from A to B to Z without human intervention. Our innovative pricing model offers companies access to automation without high upfront investment and makes automation affordable for companies big or small.

The Wheel.Me Genius 2, the world's first autonomous wheel that transforms nearly any object into a mobile robot. Designed to revolutionize automated material handling across industries, this innovative wheel addresses the limitations of traditional solutions that have persisted for decades. While the concept of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) emerged around 70 years ago, the anticipated robotics revolution is yet to be fully realized, leading to manual processes, health issues for workers, and increased operational costs. The Genius 2 disrupts this status quo by offering unparalleled flexibility – it can autonomously move objects of varying sizes and weights, from transport trolleys to hospital beds. What sets it apart is its adaptability, requiring no expensive infrastructure modifications; instead, it leverages existing objects, turning them into autonomous systems. Installation is straightforward, maintenance is simple, and the Genius 2 ensures an exceptional return on investment. Equipped with sensors and 360-degree lidar coverage, the Genius 2 navigates safely around people and obstacles. Its Mecanum wheels enable omnidirectional movement, controlled through a user-friendly application. This unique concept empowers companies to boost automation without restructuring their entire production system, providing a cost-effective, flexible, and innovative solution for automated material handling in diverse industries.

Innovation Statement

Wheel.Me is innovative for its groundbreaking Genius, the world's first autonomous wheel that transforms diverse objects into robots, offering unmatched flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of integration for automated material handling across industries.


No matter what industry you are in, our product can automate any existing processes and offer a solution with low costs and very little set up.


Posted Date1/24/24
ContactEssi Jussila
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