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The Cubiscan S9 introduces a new approach to pallet dimensioning, giving LTL shippers the ability to dimension, stretch wrap, and photograph outbound freight in one step. Operators simply place their freight on the stretch wrap machine and start the wrapping process. As the freight spins, the Cubiscan S9 captures the length, width, and height of the load. The dimensioner also takes a photo of each side of the pallet and associates those images, dimensions, and weight with the freight’s order ID. That stored data can then be pushed directly into the shipper’s software of choice. This automatic transfer eliminates manual data entry errors and improves slow, inefficient processes which increases order throughput and order accuracy.
With a measurement range covering pallets up to 8 feet in length, width, and height, the Cubiscan S9 ensures accurate data, laying the foundation for cost-effective shipping strategies. It provides a number of different user benefits without adding any additional steps to the operator’s workflow.

Innovation Statement

Traditional laser-based pallet dimensioners have moved sensors over static freight to collect accurate dimensional data. Movement of the sensors requires additional time and an added step in process flow. Instead of moving dimensioning sensors over the
freight, the Cubiscan S9 integrates a dimensioning sensor and axis camera with the built- in rotation of a stretch wrap turn table, allowing LTL shippers to dimension, stretch wrap, and photograph freight in one simple step.


LTLshipperscaneliminatecarrierchargebacksandspeeduporder processing by using the Cubiscan S9 to properly classify shipments and to combine dimensioning, stretch wrapping, and weighing into one process.


Posted Date1/23/24
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