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HUBMASTER's multi-aisle stacker crane technology is a revolutionary advancement in warehouse automation, combining the roles of a manufacturer and a turn-key integrator. Unlike conventional automated vehicles, HUBMASTER's multi-aisle stacker crane’s unique approach involves overhead rail operation, eliminating the need for floor contact. Running on top of the rack, HUBMASTER's multi-aisle stacker cranes provide clients with the flexibility to navigate very narrow aisles efficiently without compromising throughput and space.

The distinctive feature of HUBMASTER lies in its ability to move a range of pallets from light to heavy crates and/or pallets. HUBMASTER multi-aisle stacker crane can move long goods parallel to the crane, significantly optimizing warehouse space compared to traditional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). This innovation allows clients to use a single HUBMASTER multi-aisle stacker crane in narrow spaces, presenting a cost-effective solution that maximizes storage capacity. Additionally, HUBMASTER boasts an impressive load-handling capability of up to 5500 lbs and can accommodate items up to 10 ft long. With these capabilities, HUBMASTER not only offers unparalleled space savings but also ensures efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to the diverse needs of its clients.

Innovation Statement

HUBMASTER's multi-aisle stacker crane, with its innovative overhead rail operation, excels in narrow aisle navigation and high-density storage at height, overcoming challenges in extreme temperatures, including below 0 and high heat conditions. This adaptable solution, suitable for both greenfield projects and existing facilities, optimizes space utilization and ensures efficient inventory management, offering clients a versatile and reliable warehouse automation solution.


HUBMASTER transforms warehouse operations by providing clients with an efficient, adaptable, and space-optimized solution through its multi-aisle stacker crane technology, ensuring streamlined processes, increased storage capacity, and operational resilience in diverse conditions.


Posted Date1/23/24
ContactLidia Fitasova
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