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Many organizations have material handling operation data at their fingertips. Data may come from their industrial vehicles, lithium-ion batteries or various telemetry systems and fleet managers hope that it will profit them in a way. Unfortunately raw data won’t help unless it is analyzed and personalized to your business reality.

UgoPilot by UgoWork is an easy-to-use battery intelligence platform for industrial trucks that turns raw energy data into actionable insights, empowering managers to make informed decisions. It leads to optimized lithium-ion battery usage and fleet performance. Ideal for large fleet operators, UgoPilot unlocks improvement opportunities for faster ROI. We believe that knowledge is power and it is precisely what the UgoPilot Energy and Battery Management Platform offers.

Innovation Statement

UgoPilot is a revolutionary platform that transforms industrial energy solutions by redefining battery intelligence and maximizing fleet efficiency for businesses with medium to large-sized fleets. Beyond its current capabilities, the platform introduces groundbreaking possibilities with the potential for peak shaving opportunities and the incorporation of AI-based reasoning, setting the stage for future advancements in energy optimization within the material handling sector.


UgoPilot empowers customers with enhanced knowledge to achieve a return on investment (ROI) through informed decisions in fleet management. This includes optimizing fleet size for equivalent throughput or enhancing throughput with the same fleet size, mitigating risks and uncertainties to introduce predictability, ultimately minimizing downtime and avoiding bottlenecks. The platform contributes to the generation of the lowest CPU (Total Cost of Ownership / throughput) by maximizing the useful life of assets.


Posted Date1/23/24
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