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Yard Management Solutions (YMS) has introduced three groundbreaking features to its yard management software. The first innovation, Eagle Vision, leverages GPS tracking to provide real-time visibility outside of the yard, transforming the coordination of asset movement and logistics management. Eagle Vision enables accurate tracking of drivers' locations, eliminating the need for constant calls and streamlining operations.

The second innovation, Magic Dock, addresses the challenges of dock door scheduling by automating the process. YMS Magic Dock reduces wait times and errors associated with manual scheduling, assigning appointments to dock doors based on customer-defined rules. This feature optimizes the flow of trailers through facilities, minimizes downtime, and empowers management with real-time visibility.

The third innovation, Temp Guard, revolutionizes reefer tracking by offering efficient temperature monitoring within trailers. This feature eliminates the labor-intensive process of manual temperature checks, reducing the risk of spoiled products. Temp Guard provides detailed control over reefer temperatures, offering two tracking methods – API integration with reefer systems or manual entry for non-owned assets.

Together, these innovations enhance overall logistics performance, reduce inefficiencies, and improve planning and coordination.

Innovation Statement

Eagle Vision empowers businesses to enhance route optimization, minimize errors, and elevate planning and coordination. Through automated check-ins and check-outs, the system effectively decreases wait times at gates, reducing delays in logistics operations. Magic Dock delivers reduced wait times for dock door personnel, heightened efficiency for drivers, and enables management to concentrate on high-priority tasks, ensuring a smooth workflow. Temp Guard enables facilities to streamline temperature checks, saving labor hours, and mitigating the risk of spoiled products.


By implementing these innovative features, operations can experience increased control, efficiency, and insight into their logistics operations. The true measure of our achievements is our customer success. Our customers experience substantial success from implementing Yard Management Solutions. For instance, when ColdPoint Logistics doubled their productivity after implementation, they stated, "It’s been a complete life changer for us. We’ve completely avoided any spoiled product since implementing YMS. We’d be lost without it."


Posted Date1/23/24
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