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SharkCrates will be launching an online wood crate configurator at Modex 2024 that is accessible from PC, Tablet, and mobile devices. This configurator allows both existing and new customers to design their wood crates from start to finish using both keyed inputs and a 3D visualization as their guide. Customers choose from size, pallet type, pallet entry, and pallet board quantity. They are also able to load an existing CAD model inside the crate to check for a correct fit and add their own logos. Once submitted (and reviewed of course), a quote will be emailed back to them within minutes.

Innovation Statement

At present, no online configurators exist for wood shipping crates. Customers who choose to configure their own crates online will drastically reduce the lead time from design to quote to production to shipment.


Anyone in charge of purchasing any type of packaging knows that length x width x height are only a small part of the overall equation. You can look at a quote from a supplier - numbers on a page - and only discern so much. A picture helps, but having a fully-customizable 3D model in front of you while building your own crate, now that's a game-changer.


Posted Date1/23/24
ContactNate Collins
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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