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Launched in January 2024, the RightPick™ 4 system is the new robotic piece-picking solution from RightHand Robotics. This next-generation industrial solution revolutionizes the level of autonomy and reliability of robotic order fulfillment in modern warehouse operations and distribution centers. With enhanced AI-based software algorithms, an upgraded sensor suite, and newly designed hardware, the RightPick 4 system enables a wider picking range, advanced item handling capacity, and increased system autonomy. Building on its industry-leading predecessor, the new system can now handle items up to 25% larger and 50% heavier, while significantly reducing the number of human interventions by up to 80%.

Equipped with a new state-of-the-art industrial vision system, specifically designed for piece-picking, customers and partners will benefit from a more robust camera that features improved depth information, more comprehensive segmentation, faster ethernet data transfer capabilities, and higher resolution. The industrial vision system enables picking larger item sizes, and also improves the overall pick quality, therefore the system requires less oversight. The solution is powered by RightPick™ AI which, with over a petabyte of training data from millions of picks achieved over eight years and across multiple industry verticals, ensures continuous learning and improvement for every RightPick robot. The vast training data allows the RightPick 4 system to handle millions of items, even those it has never seen before, with ever increasing reliability.

Because of the focus on the overall solution rather than individual components, and with the support of RightPick AI, the RightPick 4 system is the easiest robotic piece-picking system to integrate, and is picking and providing value within days. Through a well-defined API, system integrators can easily incorporate the RightPick 4 system into their offered workflows and bring immediate value to their customers. Consistent 24/7 fleet performance makes the RightPick 4 system a necessary tool for predictable order fulfillment.

Innovation Statement

The standout innovations of the new RightPick 4 system are increased autonomy due to tighter hardware and software coupling, improved item handling that greatly enhances eligible item SKU range, and pick reliability enabled by the expanded suction-cup swapper. The wider range of pickable products includes challenging items such as apparel in poly bags, making the RightPick 4 system a breakthrough solution for apparel retailers and 3PLs. The advanced exception handling features with new picking and grasping strategies enable faster integration, and seamless and smarter picking for 24/7 fulfillment.


The RightPick 4 system is the best robotic piece-picking solution for any MODEX attendee who is tired of navigating labor challenges in their warehouses, and is looking for a reliable, autonomous solution that opens their fulfillment capacity for 24/7 picking with minimum human monitoring.


Posted Date1/22/24
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